December 2, 2023

Tan Through Your Clothes

If any of you have ever worked outside or participated in outdoor activities, I am certain you have developed the good old farmers tan.
You know the one where your arms are darker below the line of your shirtsleeve.
Or you have tan arms but your chest and shoulders could blind an airline pilot at 37000 feet.
Cooltan has come up with a solution.
Not only do they offer shirts that let you tan through them, they also offer swimwear for men and women.

Tan Through Men’s Shirts

Tan Though Men’s Swimwear.

Tan Though Women’s Swimwear.

Cooltan Closeouts

Tan thru, tan through, polo shirts, henley shirts
Men’s Henley & Polo Shirts

Tan thru, t shirts, v neck shirts and tank tops
Men’s Tan Through T shirts, V Neck and Tank Tops

Tan Through, Swim shorts, thigh length, men's swim shorts
Tan Thru Thigh Length Men’s Swim Shorts

Tan thru clothing, men's fitted shorts
Men’s Tan Through Fitted Shorts

Tan Thru, one piece women's swimwear
Women’s Tan Through One Piece Swimwear

Tan through, bikinis and two piece swimsuits
Tan Thru two piece women’s swim suits.

Close outs, sales and savings on tan through your clothes items
Close outs and Savings