April 15, 2024

Some Photos of the Night Sky, the Stars, the Moon and the Milky Way.

Starry Night, Moon and Milkyway pics at Light Outdoors

Being as to how I am on a budget I had to find the best camera that I could afford. This is
the camera I use. It’s fairly cheap, and in my opinion works pretty darn good.

These photos although not professional in anyway were taken on several different occasions, of the moon, the stars and the milky way.
I used a Nikon D3300 camera attached to a manual telescope. Unfortunately I couldn’t track fast enough manually to get really good images like Nebulae and other planets, but who knows what the future may bring.
I tried to capture them as best as I could and there is always room for improvement.

However light pollution contributes to some of them being not so good as well as inexperience on my part. I do hope you enjoy them however.

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