Which Side Of History….

Will you be on?

Never before has our government worked as hard to destroy the constitution and trample the rights of the people as they are now.

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With all of the gun control foolishness that is going on  in washington and the media now (I know I did not capitilize washington), the liberal propaganda machine is going wide open.

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What none of these people realize is.
1. The second amendment was not written for hunting or target shooting, it was written so that the people would have the ability to overthrow a tyrannical government.

2. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, gives one the right to defend themselves.
and a 105 pound woman regardless of having equal rights or not is not going to ward off a 220 pound rapist for very long.

3. Criminals always try to have an edge, they do not want to try to victimize someone that may have more of an edge than they have. An armed citizen is safer than an unarmed citizen. A criminal will always be able to get a gun if he doesn’t already have one.

4. If no one needs so called assault weapons then why does our government use them?  
If I do not need an assault weapon why should the people that work for me need one?
As soon as gun bans get in place the next questions will be;
Why does anyone need an SUV?
Why does anyone need a three story home?
Why does anyone need more land than they can farm?
Why does anyone need money in the bank that they are not spending?
Why does anyone need freedom of speech?

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Why does anyone think that they should let the government decide what you need.
Our government as a collective would not have enough sense to pour piss out of a boot.
They have bankrupted the post office, social security, medicare and millions of Americans. They cannot agree on what color or kind of toilet paper to use in the White house and cannot collectively pull their collective heads out of their collective asses to see whether or not the sun shines or not. and you want to let these idiots decide anything to do with your life, rights or well being.
Look at the nanny state the idiots in New York have going for them now.

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I see a lot of people talking about when the obama administration bans all guns they are going to protest and fight back and that our soldiers will not turn their weapons on American citizens and some police officers will help the citizens instead of trying to enforce unjust laws.
Folks you better think again. Our soldiers have  turned their guns on Americans before and they will do it again. Sure there might be a few that will take the side of justice and freedom but you can bet the majority will follow orders right to the tee and the same goes for the majority of police officers out there, when it comes down to it the police will be the first line of attack in any gun confiscation plan and you can bet your ass that most cops will carry your weapons out with a smile on their faces knowing they are about to get some tv time.

You have to ask yourself are you going to stand for freedom or are you going to be a slave to the government.
It’s time to get rid of corrupt democrats and republicans and elect people that are going to represent us.

Are you for the constitution or against it?

The question to ask yourself is “When a stand is made, what side of history am I going to be on?”

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Oh and while you are at it check out Dianne Feinstein’s new page Ha ha. A pro gun group has bought the domain name http://senatorfeinstein.com/ and set up a website. It’s great.

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