Trying Other Things With Camera

So I am still learning about the Nikon D3300 that I bought recently. It is my first DSLR and I have been practicing and trying other lenses as I get them.
I bought an adapter to hook the camera up to my telescopes just to see what I could see with it and how well it worked.

These are Cannas from about 30 yards with the d3300 attached to a Celestron Powerseeker 80eq that is about as in focus as I could get at that distance.DSC_3336 (Custom)

These are some lilies in my neighbors yard at about 60 yards.

DSC_3339 (Custom)

These are pampass grass flowers (I guess you would call them flowers) at about 80 yards from down the street.

DSC_3341 (Custom)

The flag flying in my neighbors back yard roughly 100 yards away

DSC_3365 (Custom)


From there I decided to try to take some moon photos The adapter I have allows you to screw the camera directly onto the telescope like it was used in the pictures above and it allows you to also use the 1.25 inch piece to insert an eyepiece.
All of the moon photos used the adapter and an eyepiece as I could not achieve prime focus without them. (I need to get focul reducers and field flatteners for space objects).

_DSC2895 (Custom) _DSC2897 (Custom) _DSC2905 (Custom) DSC_2459 (Custom) DSC_2460 (Custom) DSC_2462 (Custom)

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