Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 1

So my favorite show on FX finally comes back on, my old lady and I have been waiting months for the new season of Sons of Anarchy.
Too bad there were so many freaking commercials that you couldn’t bare to watch the show. I mean good fucking grief FX 10 minutes of SOA, seven minutes of commercials, 8 mins of SOA 6 minutes of commercials this carried on through out the entire broadcast. With minimal 6 minute commercial breaks every 5 to 10 minutes you couldn’t follow the story line for the freaking ads.
I know advertising pays the bills, we all know that, but damn.
A 90 minute season premiere could have fit in a Forty Eight minute time slot, that’s 52 minutes of commercials.
52 minutes of commercials = a total waste of a decent show.
After sitting through an hours worth of commercials I finally gave up and went to bed. Enough is enough.
I’m going to try to watch the next episode, but if the commercial breaks are longer than the show then I am going to give up on SOA and anything else that comes on the FX Network

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