Solar Powered Clothes Dryer -DIY

Today I’m going to tell you how to build a solar powered clothes dryer.

It’s simple, requires only a few items and it save you a lot of money.

To start you need to figure out how much space you have for the solar powered clothes dryer.

Then you will need some posts. My solar powered clothes dryer has three post all are in a straight line and spaced about ten feet apart.
Then you will need some cable I use the plastic coated steel cable on my solar powered clothes dryer.
If you haven’t caught it by now the solar powered clothes dryer is actually a clothes line.

Here are the plans to build a twenty foot long clothes line or solar powered dryer.

You will need three post, I use 4X4s eight feet long.
A couple of stakes
Some string
100 feet of wire or cable for the lines.
2 bags of quikrete or sacrete or any other concrete mix you want to use. These are 80 lb bags.
9 eye bolts
6 small cable clamps
3 turnbuckles or cable tensioners.
3 8 feet long 2×4 s
Some 16d nails or 3 inch long galvanized wood screws.

To start figure out where you want to put the clothes line, then drive a stake into the ground. Measure out 20 feet from the stake and drive the other stake in the ground.
Drive a nail somewhere near the center of the tops of the stakes and then tie your sting to it stretching the string to the other stake and tying it to the other nail. This gives you a straight line to set your posts with.
Measure ten feet to the center of the string, then dig your post hole straight down there, make sure that the string is straight across the top of the hole.
Make sure that the hole is close to 18 inches deep.  Take up your string and stakes and Dig a hole where each stake was at.
Insert your posts into the holes and pour about 2/3 of a bag of  the concrete mix in the hole around the post. Tamp it in then pour some water on it and tamp it again. This is where you want to use a level and make sure that your posts are plumb (or straight up and down).

Once you have the posts plumb, tamp the ground around it again, check it one more time and as long as it is close you are okay. It doesn’ t have to be totally plumb for this. But the closer it is the better it is.
Let the post set over night.
After the concrete has set up and the posts are in good and tight, you are ready to make the arms.
Cut three 4 foot sections from the 2x4s you will need your level again.
Here’s where the fun comes in, to set the height on the arms you will need to figure how high you want the clothes line. 
You want it so that what ever you hang on it, it will not touch the ground.  If you have to reach up a little to take the pins off that’s fine, if you have to have a step ladder that’s not to good.

Once you have figured the height you want the arms to be, put a mark at the center of your 2×4 on the edge, and put a mark on the center of your 4×4 at the height you want the arm. I usually make a T with the top line being the bottom edge of my 2×4 and the upright line being the center. Then I line up my first board and either nail it or screw it to the post. then put your level across it and make sure it is level then add another nail or two (or screws).

Measure the other end post and put the arm on it the same way. For the one in the center you just run a string from one end post to the other on the both ends of the arm (2 strings total). Then slide you center arm up against the strings and attach it to the post.

Now you should have 1 eight foot 2×4 and 1 four foot 2×4 left. You want to cut those each into two feet sections.
Cutting a 45 degree angle on each end of your 2×4, then attach those to the post, under the arms so that they join in the front or on the arm side of the post.
Attach them to the arms and to the post. Usually when you attach the braces about a foot of the arm will hang out past the braces ( the two foot long sections) 
Attach the eye bolts to the arm one on each end and one in the center.
You may have to cut the center post off even with the top of the arms.
Attach the cables by passing them through the eye bolts and then clamping them to themselves with the clamps.
Run the cables through the eye bolts on the middle post and attach them to the turnbuckles.
Attach the turnbuckles to the eye bolts on the last post. Tighten the turn buckles.
Your solar powered clothes dryer is now complete.

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