So I wandered over to the dark side of the house

So last night I decided to go around to the other side of the house where we have the dog pen to try to get away from the neighbors annoying street light and this is what I saw. This was taken  somewhere between 10 and 11 pm on 7-24-15.
Usually we stay out of the dog pen for photography and using the telescopes for several reasons. The power lines hook up on that side of the house. You have to open and close a gate to get around there or else the dogs will get out. The dogs always want to look at Pluto and sniff around Uranus. Also we have two almost solid black dogs and even after your eyes adjust, you cannot see them and will literally trip over them walking around.
We have had storms all week actually for the last three weeks we have had very little time without cloudy skies. Last night was the first night in  a while that we could actually see the moon and stars.DSC_4419 (Custom)There was a lot of lp from the moon but we were still able to get a few decent shots of the milky way.
All of these pics are unedited and straight from the camera. I am still learning about the camera settings so bear with me.
One thing I did notice in these is that away from the street light the sky does not have the brown tint to it.

DSC_4417 (Custom)

When I figure out what I am doing and get the hang of photo editing I might be able to have some of the really nice looking touched up shots.

DSC_4418 (Custom)

Just the simple fact that here we are sitting on a little speck in the middle of all those little specks amazes me.

DSC_4426 (Custom)

These are bands of our own galaxy that we can see on clear nights.

DSC_4430 (Custom)

If you notice the orange tint on the trees that is what a street light at the house next door can do for your night-time photos.

DSC_4431 (Custom)

I was experimenting with the iso and time seconds on some of these.




DSC_4432 (Custom)

ISO a little higher on these two.

DSC_4434 (Custom)

The above pic is the North end of the milky way.

DSC_4437 (Custom)

One thing I did notice last night is that it was the first night in a while that I did not notice a single shooting star in any of the pictures .

DSC_4442 (Custom)


Although we here at Light Outdoors love our hunting, fishing, and outdoor things I am thinking of uploading night photos like this more often. It actually cost less than hunting and fishing.


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