Sam is probably the most mischievous dog I have ever had the privilege of being around.Sam (Custom)
Sam is a half pit bull, quarter lab, quarter boxer, hundred pound mess.
He is a very good dog, with the exception of playing pranks on people, by people I mean mostly me.

I was cleaning up the backyard one day, this consisted of cutting weeds, raking up leaves and other stuff, loading it into a wheelbarrow and taking it over to a pile to burn.
When I would come back from dumping the wheelbarrow, my rake would be gone.
I would be looking all over the yard for the rake while Sam calmly sat there watching, I noticed he would occasionally look in another direction and then back at me. I looked to see what he was looking at and saw that it was my rake.

So I would retrieve the rake and say aloud “How did this rake get over here?” I swear the dog rolled his eyes, shrugged and grinned as if to say “Beats me.”
This went on for the entire time I was cleaning up back there. Haul a load of trash over, come back hunt the rake.  Haul another load, hunt the rake.

Sam 2 (Custom)

When I finished cleaning up the yard. I broke out the trusty old tiller and began tilling some dirt, it was hot that day so I removed my shirt and sat it on a log and went back to work. Sam began circling me dragging something in the dirt. It was my shirt.

I retrieved my shirt, now covered in dirt and slobber (his not mine) and put it up higher on a fence post. I go back to work thinking “Ha you can’t reach it now you dumb dog.”
Sam starts circling me once again dragging my shirt. What the heck I thought to myself as I go and get my shirt back again. That’s when I noticed the wheelbarrow was turned over right beside the post. I don’t remember leaving it there like that, but anyway I moved the wheelbarrow and placed my shirt once again on the post.

I start tilling again and again Sam starts circling me. dragging  not only my shirt but the stinking fence post as well. So once again I get my shirt away from the dog and this time I place it atop a shelf to where not only can he not reach it, he can’t pull the shelf up to get it.

Thinking my shirt was safe I went back to the task at hand, when this time I felt something bump my leg, turning around I saw Sam had the rake and was trying to lean it up against the shelf in what I assume was an attempt at getting my shirt once again.
As soon as he figured out I was watching him, he dropped the rake, looked at me and I swear he grinned then turned and walked away.

I went back to work, watching to see if he made anymore attempts on my shirt, when he appeared from the side of the shed dragging a little ladder.
Knowing he was not going to give up and figuring since it was an old shirt and would take six trips through the washing machine to get it clean, I gave it to him.
I took the shirt off the shelf and pitched it over to him and said “Fine you can have the damned shirt.”
Sam looked at the shirt laying on the ground, turned up his nose and walked away.DSC_0166 (Custom) (2)

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