Rewiring an electrical socket, from Aiiiieeee to Zaaappp!

So I decided to move the electric socket that I kept sticking my now molten toenail into.This is a step by step tutorial on how to move not only toenail attacking sockets but other ones as well.
Step one, using a flat head screw driver take the outlet cover off.
Step two, realize that turning off the power should have been step one.
Step three, quit hopping around and go turn off the breaker already.
Step four, stab self in hand with screwdriver.
Step five, more hopping, now quit crying and get back to work.
Step six, finish removing socket cover.
Step seven, unscrew socket itself from protective box.
Step eight using needle nose wire pliers, remove wires from back of socket.
Step nine, pinch blood blister on fleshy part of hand between thumb and index finger.
Step ten, more hopping.
Step eleven, explain to significant other that dust always makes your eyes water.
Step twelve, mark location to move socket box to.
Step thirteen, using hammer, whack self in hand while trying to mount box.
Step fourteen, look at the stars and little birds that are swirling around your head, after whacking self with hammer caused you to abruptly raise up.
Step fifteen, drink beer, lots of beer so you can blame everything on being drunk…IE.. I was drunk that’s why I accidentally threw the hammer through the window.
Step sixteen pass out and hope that your significant other calls an electrician before you come to and kill yourself.I hope this tutorial helped you.

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