Game Scouting Cameras

We’ve all seen the images taken from game cameras showing things out in the woods or around houses and such.
Now is the perfect time to buy your game camera and get it set up and ready.
Why now you might ask. Simply because if you get your game camera set up in the woods this time of year you can see where the deer and other game animals are, what they are doing and what time they are out there.
With the modern game cameras that are out there now, you don’t have to take film in and have it developed you just pop an SD card into your game camera, then take it out the next day stick it into your computer and take a look at what the game camera has seen.

There are quite a few game cameras out there these days and with the improvements in technology you have more than one choice and all of them have great features.
My first one was a Moultrie Game Spy D-55 5.0 Megapixel IR Digital Game Camera.  Although this was one of the cheaper game cameras out there (I’ll admit I’m a cheap skate), it worked very well. The best thing about it was there was no film to deal with.
Although I have not tried it, I have heard the Primos TRUTH Cam 60 1.3MP/3.1MP/5.0MP/7.0MP Infrared Game Scouting Camera is a good one also.
Of course you can also go for the more expensive game scouting cameras.

Smart Scouter? Wireless Digital Game Camera Smart Scouter? Wireless Digital Game Camera


CHECK YOUR SCOUTING PHOTOS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Wherever you have Internet access–computer, cell phone, PDA–you can now quickly retrieve all your game scouting camera images and manage game camera usage, all with a few keystrokes! The Smart Scouter is a self-contained digital game scouting camera that wirelessly sends trail photos via the cellular network. All you need is a Smart Scouter camera and a monthly wireless subscription from Smart Scouter, which allows you to manage your camera settings and get your photos from your own personal account. This system has a base monthly charge of $14.99 and $.04 per photo for average monthly charges of around $20. (Accounts can be put into hibernation for $7.99 a month) Stop disturbing your hunting area, and quit wasting your time and money traveling to check your trail photos. Pick your best hunting location for the season based on up-to-the-minute info. The Smart Scouter Wireless Digital Game Camera also works great for remote security applications. With a removable memory card (not included), you can also set up the game camera traditionally and use it as a non-wireless scouting camera. And when you compare the costs of film and processing with traditional game cameras, travel to and from game camera locations, and your time and trouble, the savings you get with the Smart Scouter really add up! Look to for more This 1.3 MP digital game scouting camera automatically sends its images to your account for instant wireless retrieval, anywhere in the world. (It also can be used with a removable CF memory card for traditional use. Card not included) With 3 Smart Passive Infrared motion sensors and 50 powerful infrared LED bulbs, the Smart Scouter Wireless Digital Game Camera takes quality photos at all times without spooking game, even at nighttime distances of 60′. Built-in laser pointing system for accurate setup. Easy-to-use control panel for quick and simple setup. Onboard 6V rechargeable battery (included). Features: Check your scouting game camera images anywhere you can see the internet Camera sends images through cellular network Removes necessity of walking through hunting area to get camera images Can set up as a traditional scouting game camera Save time and money 1.3 megapixel camera Three Smart Passive Infrared motion sensors 50 infrared LED bulb flash Built-in laser pointing system for setup Easy to use control panel Comes with 6V rechargeable battery . Smart Scouter? Wireless Digital Game Camera


Primos TRUTH X Cam 7.0 Megapixel Infrared Game Scouting Camera Primos TRUTH X Cam 7.0 Megapixel Infrared Game Scouting Camera


Compact design Trigger speeds under one second 62 infrared LEDs Provides flawless infrared coverage out to 65′ Full-color 2.5″ screen Simple, fun-to-use icon-based menu View or delete photos on the spot Live screen preview allows perfect timing every time All settings, including camera resolution, are adjustable Matrix camo case with heavy-duty hook strap The most advanced TRUTH Cam compact design, lots of innovative features, longest battery life. With trigger speeds under one second and 62 infrared LEDs, it provides flawless infrared coverage out to 65′! Full-color 2.5″ screen offers a simple, fun-to-use icon-based menu; you can view or delete photos on the spot, and the live screen preview allows perfect aiming every time. All settings, including camera resolution, are adjustable. Matrix camo case with heavy-duty hook strap. Dimensions: 7.5″H x 5.5″W x 3.25″D. Manufacturer model #: 63040.. Primos® TRUTH X Cam 7.0 Megapixel Infrared Game Scouting Camera


Regardless of which game cameras you use be sure to get a security box like the
Moultrie Security Box Camera Mount
, because once you invest in a game scouting camera the last thing you want to happen is for it to be stolen.

Their are also some other game scouting camera accessories you might want to look into like a
Moultrie 4GB SD Memory Card
for instance.
You also might want a Moutrie Plug In Multi Card Reader in order to read the sd card from you game cameras or whatever else you use the sd card for.
Clicking any of the game scouting camera links will take you too more game camera accessories.


My first attempt at a comic. so before you start talking about how bad it is, bite me.


I know it’s amateurish but hey it was drawn with a pencil and took all of about fifteen minutes to draw.

Summer Camp Memories

My oldest brother likes two weeks exactly being twelve years older than me and as far back as I can remember he has had a mustache.
So we were all together for the holidays and I asked him; “How long have you had that mustache?”
His reply brought back long-lost memories. “I never shaved it off  after my fourth time at Summer camp.”
Summer Camp.
My mind began to wander back through the fogs of time to a time and place where we were much younger, much smaller, more innocent and much more gullible, back to the days of Summer camp.
Every year my mother used to send us all to camp we would be gone for about two weeks out of the Summer, it was a time of fun and learning.
Uus boys learned how to grow mustaches (which was rough on a seven-year old),  how to play fiddles and guitars, how to shoe horses, drive wagons, fetch water and firewood, how to con people out of money with shells and a pea, the girls all learned how to pierce their ears and grow their hair long and cook things like rabbit and other woodland critters, how to spin around to the music and get people to throw money at them, amazingly none of the girls in my family ever moved on to the next level and became strippers.
It wasn’t until I was telling my fourth grade teacher about how much fun we had at Summer camp that I learned that it really wasn’t camp at all. 
My mom was sending us off with the Gypsies, every year she would send us with them, they would tolerate us for two weeks and then we would wake up one morning and they would be gone.
Of course that also explained how we met the “Camp Counselors” in Cullman Alabama, and would have to hitchhike home from Chattanooga Tennessee, or somewhere in that vicinity.
Of course us younger boys would have to shave our mustaches in order to get back to school. Most of the time we would have to shave in order to ever catch a ride back home, you would be surprised at how few people would give rides to what they thought were midget gypsies.
Mom was always glad to see us when we made our way back into the yard she would always say, “Well y’all made it home again I see.” an obvious look of relief on her face, later I would learn that mom’s looks of relief and disgust were pretty close to the same.
Those days are long since gone, you hardly ever see gypsies any more and when you do see them, they no longer ride in horse-drawn wagons.
But one thing you can always count on is my brother’s mustache to bring back those memories.Our Summer camp wagons

Our Families Christmas

Christmas, the time of year when all my family gathers together, with smiles, hugs, and good spirits…and spends the better part of three days trying to one up each other.
Yes in my parents yard on Christmas day you will see all the cars have been washed and some have even been waxed.
Christmas with my family actually starts three days before Christmas, that’s when all of the men in the family go in search of a tree. Like Moses wandering through the wilderness, we wander through the neighborhood.
There is a lot that goes into picking out the Light family tree.
What kind of tree is it?  
Is it a well filled out tree?
Is it tall enough?
Will we get caught stealing it?
Does it already have decorations on it? (That’s a big plus)
After we have managed to borrow a tree and sneak it back home, then comes the fun of trimming the tree.
First we all gather around and pass the jug, then the kids start stringing popcorn, we don’t use it on the tree, they just like to string popcorn and use it to taunt the pigeons.
After a nice meal of sweet potatoes, grits and squab, we pass the jug again and start hanging stuff on the tree.
Once my dad accidentally hung a full beer can on the tree, instead of the usual empty ones, the ensuing riot destroyed the tree and the living room wall, it ended with great-uncle Ezra wrestling my nephew Jebadiah for it, I tell ya a toothless 90-year-old in a wheelchair can throw down when it comes to an unopened Pabst Blue Ribbon. If it hadn’t of been for Jebadiah choking him out with his colostomy bag, I think Ezra would have won.
After the tree is decorated and we are all likkered up, we go outside and began singing Christmas Carrolls, this usually lasts up until the police get there and give us our noise warning.
After they leave we somberly pass the jug around and stand in the front yard mooning the neighbors. This usually lasts until the police come up to give us our public indecency warning.
After they leave this time we somberly pass the jug around again and begin the annual Light family fireworks show, which used to consist of someone shooting Roman Candles at the outhouse, but ever since the time when we found out exactly how flammable methane is and what methane is, we no longer have an outhouse.
Now all we do is usually set off a firecracker in a fire ant bed, I tell ya the fun never ends.
The next day the men spend the day sobering up, while the women spend the day burning various forms of food stuff, we usually have baked turkey, baked chicken, baked spam, baked potted meat sandwiches, bakes sweet potatoes, baked cranberry sauce, baked possum, baked carp, all deliciously burned to charcoal like consistency.
By then it’s the next day, which is Christmas.
We start Christmas day with the kids opening their presents, and dad opening a beer or twelve, Mom opens a jug and we all take a big swig and start feeling the Christmas spirit.
After the kids have opened their toys, and have gotten their little butts out of the way, the grown ups gather around the table for some food that has hopefully softened over night.
Uncle Ezra being the oldest living family member and well respected will start a prayer that usually goes something like this ‘Lord bless this food, and this drink, and bless those dishes over by the sink, bless the cooks that they didn’t poison our asses this year, bless the homebrew that it don’t give me the trots again, and blesssss zzzzzzzzzzzzzz’
By then someone has usually rolled Unc’s old ass out on the back porch and we dive into the food.
After eating dinner we pass around the jug, Pepto Bismol this time, and after the puke-a-thon we are all ready to rest and head back to our own houses where we can recover in peace
I would have taken time to go into more detail but right now I have to scout out some Christmas trees.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the rooms,
not a creature was stirring, we were all out of spoons

The children were hung by the chimney with care,
in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there.

The baby was nestled all snug in her bed,
while roaches and spiders crawled over her head

I wore pajamas and my old lady a gown,
as we both crawled in bed about to get down

When out on the lawn arose such a clatter,
I leapt from the loft and fell down the ladder

Away to the window I flew like the Flash,
tore apart the shutters and threw up on the sash

As I stuck out my neck and looked at my shed,
down came the window on top of my head

When what to my bulging eyes should I see,
but a man on a sleigh running into a tree

The plump little driver so clumsy and slow,
yelled to his reindeer, ‘Dammit let’s go’

More faster than turtles his reindeer they came,
as he screamed and he shouted and called them bad names

On Dasher, on Dancer, on Donder and Blitzen,
on Comet, on Ajax, on Agnew and Nixon

To the top of the porch, to the top of the wall,
now dash away, crash away, smash away all

The prancing and pawing of each tiny hoof,
could clearly be heard as they all peed on my roof

As I pulled in my head and was turning around,
head first came Saint Nick as he crashed to the ground

He was covered in ashes from his hat to his shoes,
and gagging and wheezing and smelling like booze

Though his bag was filled with brand new toys,
he took all we had and made not a noise

In his bag was a hatchet I hoped was for me,
but before I could stop him, he chopped down our tree

Then laying his finger aside of his nose,
a bright yellow mucous from his nostrils he blows

Then away through the door, he screamed as he sped,
‘Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead’

The Best Deer Rifle

So I was standing in the local Co-op the other day, looking for some tractor parts, when the conversation turned to hunting.
I was asked by someone else what was the best gun for deer hunting.
I responded with “Do you want to know the best gun or my opinion of the best gun?”
The guy said he wanted to know the best gun.
So I asked “What kind of gun do you own?”
He told me he had a Remington Model 700 in 270.
So I asked, “Can you hit with it?”
He said, “Yeah.”
I asked, “Is it reliable?”
He said  “Yeah.”
I said, “You already have the best gun.”
He said “Huh?”
So I tried to explain like this, There are several facts, A Browning Medallion is a Browning Medallion.
A Remington 700 is a Remington 700, a Ford is a Ford and a Chevy is a Chevy. Those are facts.
Getting to the best of anything is an opinion based on variables.
Opinion one A Ruger M77 is the best rifle ever.
Variable1 – Do you own a Ruger M77?
If you answered no to Variable 1,
Variable 2 – Can you afford a Ruger M77?
If you answered no to Variable 2 then a Ruger M77 isn’t worth a nickel to you. (Not picking on Rugers here, as I own a couple and they are good rifles and they make great handguns as well. It’s just their rifles are a bit pricy).
The best Deer Rifle is one that you can afford, you can shoot accurately (Because you want to kill the deer quickly) and that you can rely on.
You don’t have to have a new gun to hunt with each year, unless for some reason or another you got rid of or lost your other one.
I prefer my old Remington Sportsman 78, because even though there was an issue with the safeties and they were recalled and repaired, I can hit the best with it. When I shoot a deer (emphasis on when…actually that should be more of an if) I want it down quickly, I don’t want it to suffer or wander off and die slowly. My Remington does that.  Sure it didn’t cost half of what my Ruger cost, but when I scratch the stock, while wandering through the saw briar patch that I always seem to find myself in the middle of, I don’t worry so much about it.
When I squeeze the trigger it launches a bullet. Now granted I did get a little excited one day when a deer the size of a quarter horse stepped out in front of me, when I squeezed the trigger that pine tree never knew what hit it. It went down. The deer on the other hand just laughed and walked away. Which really stunk because when I tried the rifle again, thinking maybe my scope was off, hoping that my scope was off, praying that my scope was off, it put the bullet exactly on the crosshairs.
So when you are comparing rifles always remember the best gun is the one you own that you are comfortable with.
Colonel Jeff Cooper used to say ‘Be wary of the man that owns just one rifle, cause chances are he knows how to use it.’

The Great Rattle Snake Roundup.

About thirty-five years ago, my family lived on a modest farm in North Alabama, on the top of Wilhite Mountain.
Our little patch of land was only 28 acres, but it was surrounded by my Grandfathers land on three sides and our neighbor, Mr. Moore on the other side.
The only honest job my grandfather, Grampaw as we called him, ever had was being a blacksmith, he made horseshoes, ornamental iron, wagon wheels, and all manner of metal workings. He planted corn which was worked out into corn meal, and cough syrup, as well as grew sugarcane which was worked into molasses and rheumatism medicine.
In the Winter we slaughtered cattle and hogs, which were salted away or smoked in a smoke house.
In the Spring we did the planting and late Summer meant time to harvest, between those times there were horses to be shod, wheels to be made and barrels to be ringed.

One particular day, my brother and I were playing in our front yard, when we saw Grampaw ride up on his old mule, Lester.
“Boys, I saw a rattler snake this morning, while I was working some shoes, your uncle Paul is going to see if he can find it and was wanting you boys to help him.
My brother looked at me and shouted “NOT IT!”
As I started to run screaming to the house, Grampaw said ” Easy boys, you don’t bait rattle snakes, and they probably aint no more bears anywhere around here.”

After a little bit of grumbling and finally being offered a quarter apiece, we headed out. Grampaw on Lester and my brother and I on our trusty old bicycles.

When we got over to Grampaws shop, Uncle Paul was already there, holding a rake and a hoe (the kind you chop weeds with).
“You boys move that wood pile and tin and I’ll whack that snake when I see him.” Paul said.
After about three hours of moving a woodpile, we discovered there was no snake, so we started checking the shop, and the little sheds all around the shop.
I really feel I should describe my uncle Paul, he was a big man, standing almost six feet and seven inches tall and weighing over three hundred pounds.
Paul would pick a shed and we would start at one side and work our way all the way around it and back out the door, leaving no space unchecked.
Finally we came to the last shed, the one my brother and I anxiously looked forward to searching.
You see this particular shed was always locked, not because Grampaws still was in there, but because my cousin, who was an only child had all of his old toys in it.
You see his father did not want my brother and I to play with and possibly tear up any of his old toys, and he figured that it was a great way to torment us, because we knew there were all kinds of neat things in there, but we couldn’t get to them.
We went inside and immediately lost sight of our mission, a rattle snake was the last thing on our minds, as there were games, toys, hot wheel cars, G.I. Joes, and other things, more than I can remember.
One thing that really caught my eye was an old barbecue grill, my brother saw me looking at it and immediately leaped ahead of me grabbing up the long barbecue fork and warding off any forward momentum that I might have had in trying to reach that grill.
However I was soon distracted by a wind up pinball machine. It stood about two and half feet tall, and was probably three feet long, it was old and rusted even then, but to me it shone like a diamond, under a spotlight on a black cloth.

I immediately began playing with it, flipping the levers and shaking it to see what it would do.
“You have to wind it up.” My brother said, pointing to the winding key on the end of it.
“You boys leave that mess alone and help me hunt for that dang snake.” Paul said.
My brother layed the barbecue fork on top of the grill and I turned away from the pinball machine, then immediately turned back and tripped the mechanism that made it unwind.
The following events happened so fast it’s really hard to describe.
Uncle Paul, had raised a pile of toys and stuff up with the rake. The machine started rattling, causing Paul to jump backward toward the grill, and ram his backside into the points of the barbecue fork, making him think that his butt had just had a close encounter of the worst kind.
The resulting scream could be heard by human ears for over a mile, and made coondogs howl for over three miles.
Paul’s hat was hanging in the air, as he exploded forth through the partially closed-door of the shed, causing the door to leave its hinges and land thirty feet from the shed.
Grampaw and Lester had to go round Paul up, and my brother and I decided it might be best to ease on over to our house.
It would be six years before Paul would ever speak to my brother and I again, and that was only by mistake.
After he had mellowed for about twenty years or so, Paul finally got to where he could laugh about that incident, although my Aunt Janice, Paul’s wife,  never hesitated to remind us that it took days of soaking to get the stains out of his overalls.
We never did find that snake.

Bow Season.


In Alabama bow season always starts right around October 15. That means from the date of my writing this to then you have a little over a month to prepare.

There’s nothing like bow hunting to test yourself. Whether you use a compound, recurve, longbow or crossbow, the thrill of watching that arrow hit its mark is exhilarating.

Here are a few tips for you (most bowhunters already know these)

1. Inspect.
Inspect your bow for cracks in the limbs, frayed strings or cables (if compound).
Check your sights, make sure everything is still where it should be.
If you use a release, check it and make sure that it is still working properly. A release that hangs or lets go to early, can mean the difference between a clean kill, a miss, or a wounded animal left to suffer.
If you use a stand inspect it thoroughly to make sure it is still in good working order.
Check your weight to make sure that your stand (if used) will still safely support you. Most hunting related accidents involve falls from stands.

2 Practice, practice, practice.
Practice shooting from different angles and different distances and with varying weather conditions. Not every shot is going to be from thirty yards, or forty, or ninety either for that matter. You want to be able to hit your target in different conditions, because most days when you are hunting, you’re not going to have the benefit of shooting a standing target, from thirty yards, with the sun against your back.
I practice shooting in the wind and in the rain, as well as under ideal conditions.
Practice stealth, being quiet in the woods  is far more important than most people realise, remember the animal you are hunting knows every sound that occurs in those woods, and when something is out of place they can sense it.
If you can hear it, see it or smell it, then you can bet they can too.
Practice safety, it’s great to get out there and kill that big buck, elk, bear, moose or whatever, but if you don’t make it home, then you have done absolutely no good. No one benefits from a hunting accident.

3. Know the laws.
Game laws and seasons vary from state to state, know your states laws before you step foot in the woods. Tickets are costly and jail time is more costly. Remember this a Conservation Officer (Game Warden) has heard every excuse you can think of and most judges will tell you that ignorance of the law is no excuse.
Make sure you have permission to be where you are when you are hunting or even crossing someone elses land. Written permission is required in a lot of states now, and if you are just crossing someone elses land to get to the land you hunt, if you are carrying your hunting gear (and why wouldn’t you be?) you are thought of as hunting that land.
Be polite to the conservation officers, the difference between a warning, a ticket, and going to jail, can often depend on your attitude and actions.

4. Kill no more than you need.
Don’t waste the life of an animal, just for the sake of saying you killed it. I have seen several carcasses laying where the hunter killed the animal and took only the head and antlers, leaving the meat, if you’re not going to eat it, there are others that will.
Conservation helps to ensure that there are animals left for other generations to hunt.

Hunting is a fun, challenging and sometimes dangerous hobby, it is one of the best ways to provide fresh meat that has not had any enhancements (preservatives, steroids, antibiotics) that store bought meat has.
It’s also a great way to enjoy nature at it’s finest, you and you alone pitting your wits against a better equipped animal.
That’s right when it comes to wits that animal is better equipped, you may have the bow, but that deer has the eyesight, the camouflage, the hearing and the sense of smell, not to mention the ability to sense when something is in the woods that doesn’t belong.
It is only through our ability to use tools (bows, firearms, etc…) that we actually can bring them home to the freezer.
Check out the selection of Archery Gear at

Be safe, have fun and good hunting.

Hunting Season

I love to hunt, it’s one of the greatest ways to get back to your basic self.

Really it is, before we got all “technified”, “stupified”, “lazified” and “sensitized” (just another damn word that tries to make sissies out of everybody), man used to hunt.

We hunted deer, buffalo, goose, duck, sage hen, quail, chukker, moose, elk, bear, rabbit, and a large variety of other animals, and by God we ate them. We used their hides for clothing and shelter, and their bones and claws for jewelry, glue, needles and other things.

Now days, you have all the whiny asses out there hollering about how ‘you shot Bambi’. Or animals are our friends, or animals have rights too.

Well let me tell you jackasses something, first, Bambi was a cartoon, got it.
For those that think animals are our friends, sure maybe the old family dog, but go into the wild and try to discuss home decorating tips with a pack of wolves. Hell ask Timothy Treadwell about it. Oh that’s right you can’t because he was eaten by a grizzly bear.
For all you animal rights activists, when animals start having free elections and quit relying on survival of the fittest, then I will believe in animal rights. Now this don’t mean that I am condoning mis-treatment, or torture to animals, because I’m not….. well except maybe to cats…… naa, I take that back,  just because they torture their victims and are emissaries of satan, I don’t agree with torturing cats either.

Getting back to my original thoughts, before the tangent, I love to hunt, but it seems these days there are many people out there that do not know how to hunt.
Here are a few rules, (although not nearly all of them).

1.  Never use another hunters stand without their permission. Unless of course there is no way that they will ever find out.

2.  Never steal another hunters stand. However, if they have successfully killed more game than you have, it is alright to borrow their seat cushions but only until the end of hunting season.

3.  Never urinate in the woods near your stand. Wild animals have a keen sense of smell, and although you might not smell it, they can smell the scent of your urine for miles, depending on the wind. However if you have a guy that kills the most deer and rubs it in at the lodge every evening, peeing near his stand is allowed.

4.  Never take a woman hunting with you. There are a few reasons for this, women have to pee more often than men.
Women have a harder time sitting still and doing nothing than we do.
Women tend to wear hairspray and perfume/deodorant that animals can smell.
But the biggest reason is that if she kills a bigger animal than you do, you will never hear the end of it.

5.  Drinking and firearms do not go together, as a survivor of several ‘Turkey Shoots’ and two hunting clubs, I can tell you the last thing a drunk needs in his hands is a firearm, especially when everyone else has successfully killed their limit.

6.  Always be prepared. This means take the proper supplies, water, rope, a good knife, matches (or a lighter) gloves, extra shirt and toilet paper (yes there are certain leaves you do not want to wipe with).

7.  Be prepared to get bloody, if you kill something you have to dress it out, which means gut it and skin it usually, although in the case of deer, most people now days take them to a processor and let them skin it, but they still have to gut them. In my case I get bloody, not so much because I kill something, but because I usually wind up in the middle of a briar patch somewhere, or from falling off a bluff.

8. Sight in your rifle, one shot, should result in one kill. Don’t make the animal suffer, take it quickly, granted a gunshot is far more humane than being eaten alive by a pack of wolves, coyotes, grizzlies, ferrets, or any other animal, but still always try to kill it quickly. A rifle that is well sighted in, means usually one shot does the job. Although I have regrettably made a few trees and one fence post needlessly suffer, during some of my hunting trips.
The trees recovered nicely, but I am sure they were stressed.
The fence post was never the same again.

9.  Never kill more than you need, if you find that you have taken more game than you want, give it to a needy family, I am sure there are some out there that would gladly accept some venison or other wild game, or you could send it to me, I seem to have been in a dry spell for the last thirty some odd years.

10. Make sure of what you are shooting and what is behind it. I’ve seen so many people who thought they were shooting a deer and ended the life of Farmer Jones’ cow, sure the steaks are bigger, but Farmer Jones will probably miss his cow, and worse he may not let you hunt on his property anymore.

11. Make sure you have written permission from the landowner, before you hunt any part of their land. It also helps to make sure of who the land owner is.  Trust me on that last one, it’s hard to explain to someone who owns the land that they gave you permission to hunt it, when you have never actually met them.

12. Keep up with the laws, they change year to year. It used to be if you shot a deer you had the right to collect it if it ran onto someone elses land before it died. Now you must have permission to cross anyone elses land for any reason what-so-ever. In Alabama, it is also illegal to take a deer alive or dead from water. It is illegal to shoot from the road, or even near the road, and trust me on this one, shooting from your truck in the middle of the night is highly illegal. ( I personally have never done this, but I can’t speak for my redneck-er friends).

Seriously though, when you hunt, use common sense. Be Safe.

Always keep up with the game laws and the seasons as they vary state to state.

Always respect the land and the land owner as you would want yourself and your property to be respected.

Teach your kids to hunt, because one day with the way this country is going, they may have to in order to survive.

For more on hunting in Alabama click here

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Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuits are the incredibly cool
and comfortable swimsuits that let you tan right through the fabric,
perfect at the beach, pool, or anytime you are outdoors.

2pc String Bikini Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuit

2pc String Bikini Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuit

COOLTAN tan-through halter-top 2-piece swimsuits let
you get a safe, natural tan right through your suit… like a medium
level sunscreen!

Women's 1pc  Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuit

Women’s 1pc Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuit

1-piece Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuits. Eliminate tan
lines with Cooltan swimsuits. They let sunlight through like a medium
level sunscreen.

Cooltan Tan-Through Scoop Neck Shirts

Cooltan Tan-Through Scoop Neck Shirts

Cooltan Tan-Through Scoop-neck shirts for women. Let
sunlight through like a medium level sunscreen.

Solid Sage Cooltan Tan-Through Women's shirt

Solid Sage Cooltan Tan-Through Women’s shirt

Cooltan Tan-Through shirts are the incredibly cool and
comfortable shirts that let you tan right through the fabric, perfect
for golf or tennis or anytime you are outdoors.

COOLTAN TanThrough Shirt for Men

COOLTAN TanThrough Shirt for Men

Cooltan Cool, Comfortable Tan-Through Shirt. 100%
Cotton. Lets you tan through your shirt like a medium level sunscreen.

COOLTAN, TanThrough Collar-less Shirts

COOLTAN, TanThrough Collar-less Shirts

Cooltan Cool, Comfortable Tan-Through Shirt. Summer
Sky Print.

COOLTAN, TanThrough Shirts

COOLTAN, TanThrough Shirts


COOLTAN, TanThrough Shirt Collar-Less Solid Blue

COOLTAN, TanThrough Shirt Collar-Less Solid Blue


Solid White Cooltan Tan-Through shirt

Solid White Cooltan Tan-Through shirt

Cooltan Tan-Through shirts are the incredibly cool and
comfortable shirts that let you tan right through the fabric, perfect
for golf or tennis or anytime you are outdoors.

Solid Blue Cooltan Tan-Through shirt

Solid Blue Cooltan Tan-Through shirt

Cooltan Tan-Through shirts are the incredibly cool and
comfortable shirts that let you tan right through the fabric, perfect
for golf or tennis or anytime you are outdoors.

Mens Tan-Through Swim Trunks

Mens Tan-Through Swim Trunks

Cooltan Tan-Through swimsuit. Men’s 11 inch side swim
trunks. Order 2 sizes big for a loose fit.

Men's Blue Kona Cooltan Tan-Through swimsuits

Men’s Blue Kona Cooltan Tan-Through swimsuits

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuits are the incredibly cool
and comfortable swimsuits that let you tan right through the fabric,
perfect for beach, pool or anytime you are outdoors.

Men's Sante Fe Cooltan Tan-Through Board Shorts

Men’s Sante Fe Cooltan Tan-Through Board Shorts

Cooltan Tan-Through Board Shorts are the cool and
comfortable swim shorts that let you tan right through the fabric,
perfect for beach, pool or surfing or anytime you are outdoors.

Men's Kona Cooltan Tan-Through Board Shorts

Men’s Kona Cooltan Tan-Through Board Shorts

Cooltan Tan-Through Board Shorts are the cool and
comfortable swim shorts that let you tan through the fabric, perfect for
beach, pool, surfing or anytime you are outdoors.

Men's Bermuda Cooltan Tan-Through Board Shorts

Men’s Bermuda Cooltan Tan-Through Board Shorts

Cooltan Tan-Through Board Shorts are the very cool and
comfortable swim shorts that let you tan through the fabric, perfect for
beach, pool, surfing or anytime you are outdoors.

Men's Blue Aztec Cooltan Tan-Through swimsuits

Men’s Blue Aztec Cooltan Tan-Through swimsuits

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimsuits are the incredibly cool
and comfortable swimsuits that let you tan right through the fabric,
perfect for beach, pool, or anytime you are outdoors.

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear and Shirts