One Fine Day In The Oval Office

We enter the oval office to see Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden sitting in a circle talking.

Obama – Today is a good day to be a social…..I mean democrat guys. My latest speech drew tons of applause and set the tone for my next four years in office.

Pelosi – Yes my lord, the people are loving you once again, you and that other guy are now tied in the polls.

Reid – Did you according to the latest polls democrats are favoring you more than the repelicans are favoring ol what’s his name?

Biden – Who?

Reid – You know, he who will not be named?

Biden – Who, who will not be named?

Reid – That other guy?

Biden – What other guy?

Reid – Dangit Joe! Romney!

Biden – Dangit Joe Romney? He sounds like a boxer.

Pelosi – Joe you blithering idiot, it’s Mitt Romney?

Obama (puts his fingers in his ears) Unnnnngggghhhh!

Pelosi – Now look what you have done, you have upset the great one.

Biden – I didn’t do that. Someone else did.

Reid – Joe that only applies to republicans that own a business.

Biden – Republicans that own businesses upset the boss?

Pelosi – Joe if you don’t shut up I am going to go out of my mind.

Biden – Well as long as you go out of the room to do, we  all saw that time you went out of your clothes and it was horrible.

Reid – Yeah that put a whole new perspective on a sagging economy.

Pelosi – Well I never.

Reid – Nancy you never stopped.

Obama – Dammit! Yall shut up. This is about me. Me. Me. Get It! This aint about none of you losers. This is about me.

Biden – Hey Big Baboo, Mitt Romney is talking on that box thingy again.

Reid – For the last time it’s a television, Joe.

Biden – Oh.

Obama – Shut up and let me hear what the clown has to say.

Romney (over the television) – For him to say that you didn’t build your business is ludicrous and seriously it shows exactly what kind of person he is……

Obama – Oh yeah, well release your tax returns so we can see what kind of person you are.

Romney (still on the air) – The democrats are calling for me to release more tax returns and to that I say, RELEASE YOUR COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS MR. OBAMA! Release those fast and furious documents. Release your student loan documents. Then I will consider releasing more of my tax returns.

Obama – Call the DNC and tell them to lay off Mitt’s tax return stuff.

Biden – You tell em bosseroo.

Pelosi – He can’t do that, that’s not fair expecting you to adhere to the same rules he does.

Reid – Yeah. Who does he think he is.

Biden – And I bet he don’t even have a teleprompter.

Obama – Well we will straighten him out come the next election.

Reid – Exactly! As  I was saying the recent polls show that democrats favor you at 60% where only two-thirds of republicans favor Romney, so you are stronger with your followers than Romney is with his.

Biden – But isn’t two-thirds the equivalent of 66 and one-third percent?

Obama – Oh now you develop an I.Q.

Biden – I may not be able to spell I.Q. or Jobs either but I can do some cyphering.

Pelosi – Calm down Jethro.

Biden – Keep your shirt on Nancy.

Reid – I got to side with Joe on this one.

Obama – I second that motion.

Pelosi – So what is our next move when people want to know who the someone else was that built these businesses for all these people. If they didn’t build them for themselves.

Obama – Well I haven’t figured it that far yet.

Biden – We could always say it was Bush.

Reid – Bush?

Biden – Yeah we blame him for everything else why not blame him for building these businesses.

Obama – Sounds like a plan. Call the RTPs and have them get it ready.

Pelosi –  RTPs?

Biden – Royal Teleprompter Programmers.

Obama – Well it really is a no brainer, if the American people do not re-elect me then it proves that they are all as stupid as I say they are.

Biden – Don’t worry boss, we have the USBBWU on our side.

Obama – Who?

Biden – The United States Ballot Box Workers Union.

Obama – I knew I picked you for some reason or another.

Tune in next time when we hear Biden say – Hey Bosserooni, I forgot to mention the USBBWU was one of the unions whose pay you cut through your bailout plan.

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