One Fine Day In The Oval Office

We enter the Oval Office to find a distraught Barack Obama, talking to Joe Biden.

Obama – Joe, this shit is getting bad. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, The  I.R.S. , all of this crap is taking a toll on me.

Biden – I know bosserooni, and now it seems the press is turning on you, too.

Obama – I’m wondering what the heck I should do.

Biden – Buy a shotgun.

Obama – What?

Biden – This is a big f***ing deal.

Obama – I know it’s a big deal.

Biden – Millions and millions of people agree with me on this.

Obama – On what?

Biden – Oh, sorry big kahuna I was just looking over all my usual talking points to see if I could find something to help you.

Obama – Well it aint working, Joe.

Biden – Hey at least we got the I.R.S. to go after that guy in Alabama that makes fun of you on his website.

Obama – Which one is that.

Biden – The one that writes that one fine day in the oval office stuff.

Obama – Yes but that is one fish in a large pond.

Biden – I thought his site was fishy.

Obama – Of course he also made fun of W. when he was president.

Biden -Yeah, but that was different, W. is not the messiah that you are. Although  I do love his pelosi jokes.

Obama – There is no bigger joke than Nancy herself.

Biden – True dat!

Obama – So what do I do about my scandal riddled presidency. Maybe I should just pack up and go home.

Biden – Yeah that would be the thing. Nixon resigned before he was impeached.

Obama – Yeah, but Bill was impeached and not removed from office.

Biden – Well, if I have any say in the matter you can bet your ass that you will be removed from office.

Obama – Thanks Joe…. wait what?

Biden – Yep then they won’t have nobody to pick on or make fun of but Uncle Joe Biden.

Obama – So you want me out of office too?

Biden – Did I say that out loud?

Join us next time after the author of this gets done dealing with the irs  (seriously) and hopefully we will have something funny to say.



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