Night Sky

Here at Light Outdoors we try many outdoor activities whether it’s hunting, fishing, camping, archery, and now astronomy and photography.
Folks I’m going to tell you I thought shooting firearms was expensive.
One scope I’m saving up to by is 2000 dollars. Holy Crap! That is a used car!
The camera I would like to get a full frame Nikon is about 3000 and the lenses for it are 400 to 1000 dollars apiece. Crap! What did I get myself into?
Although I will say this, it is a lot of fun or it was until I learned that the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way are on a collision course in space. What the heck? A great old big universe and they got to try to take up the same parking spot.
When this happens life on Earth will most likely cease to exist or life as we know it anyhow.
Of course this is going to happen in roughly 250 to 400 million years from now. But still I am taking no chances. I’ve cancelled my 401k and cashed in my savings. Aint going to catch me with no galaxy colliding catastrophe. No sir.

So anyway….

Still practicing taking night sky photos. I think they are getting slightly better although I could be wrong. Milky Way 2 8-9-2015 (Custom)


The above photo was taken with a Nikon d3300 using the kit lens set at 18mm 20 seconds at 1600 ISO.

Been working with Lightroom from Adobe trying to adjust the colors. My neighbors street light washes out everything and makes the sky a nice pukey shade of brown.

Milky Way 3 8-9-2015 (Custom)

This is another 20 seconds at 1600

Milky Way 8-9-2015 (Custom)

I think I made this one turn out waaaaaaay to purple. Unless you’re a Barney fan then it can never be too purple. Of course I am not a Barney fan.

milkyway4 (Custom)


The above one came out far better than I though with all of the lp that was around. The neighbors (on both sides of the street) had their houses lit up like they were planning on landing planes.

Orion Pleiades (Custom)


This one was taken because the Orion Constellation is finally coming back into view in my area. Of course it was taken at about four a.m. As you can see Orion is at the bottom in the center of the tree. The Pleiades or Seven Sisters are at the top left of center. With an open cluster about midway down.

Tried to get a picture through a telescope of the Orion Nebula this morning but was unable to because of the street light next door. I will find a dark spot and get one though sooner or later.
If anyone has any tips or tricks that you might want to share please comment.
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