New Truck for my Son

So my son is twelve years old, will be thirteen this year, and there is no way that I can afford to buy him a new or even newer vehicle when he turns sixteen, unless of course I hit the lottery or the publishers clearing house people show up and give me a million bucks. If I was wealthy enough I still would not buy him a new vehicle.
This old truck is a fixer upper and will take several years to get fixed up and running. Hopefully we will be done with it by the time he gets his drivers license.
It’s a 1962 Ford F100 Custom Cab. Not the unibody.
The bed has rusted away and been removed, of course I never like those beds. Ford thought the 59 models beds were so nice they continued to use them on into 62.
Finding a stepside bed for it is going to be rough, so my thoughts are instead of buying the componets and spending nearly 1000 dollars why not buy the sheet metal and make the components myself.
There isn’t a lot of rust on whats left of the old truck, from what I gather the original owner had garbage piled in the bed which contributed to the rust. Of course with any 62 model pickup Ford or otherwise there is some rust in the fenders and under the hood.
The original motor is still there it is a 292 y block with that wonderful crossover pipe in front (what the hell were they thinking with that idea?), but it is locked up so it will have to be rebuilt, if it can be.
Our plans are;

  • to build a stepside bed
  • rebuild the motor
  • replace the tires and wheels
  • add power steering (if anyone has any ideas on this they would be appreciated)
  • add a radio
  • I would really like to convert it over to disc brakes but those are pretty dang expensive.
  • Paint it candy apple red and black cherry for the trim
  • line the bed with wood

I know it is a lot to do on a very limited budget but it is a project for me and my son to work together on.

My Sons "New" Truck

My Sons “New” Truck

I will post new pictures as we complete stuff.

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