Like Sands Through The Hourglass

So go the …… whoops too much soap operas.

I was drifting back through the mists of time the other day to the age of innocence, or at least reasonable deniability. 
The thoughts of television shows came up and old shows opposed to newer shows and how bad the new shows with the exception of a few really suck.

First off I’m not going to debate reality shows, because they all suck. I live in reality and it is nothing like the crap you see on television.

Okay onward and upward. Wait I’m afraid of heights, so onward and sideways.

Back then (my early and teen years) we had Gilligans Island, Bewitched, The Andy Griffith Show, The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, Welcome Back Kotter and ALF.
Now the only shows worth watching are……… Well hell, their aren’t any, well Vampire Diaries I guess, but that is because the chicks are cute and my girlfriends nephew has a recurring extra role in the show.

Two and a Half Men used to be pretty good, until the Charlie Sheen burnout and they brought the other dude on there. Now it sucks.
Chuck was an awesome show I thought, (I’ve always been a fan of Adam Baldwin), however they canceled it, I should have seen it coming when Summer Glau guest starred on a couple of episodes.
I mean seriously what the heck is going on with her?  
Does she not have the worst luck?
Every show she has been on has been cancelled after too long.
The only one still going is Big Bang Theory ( which I like).
Personally I think Summer is a very talented person and she is cute as a bug, but damn her luck sucks.
I mean what the hell? Why would you cancel Firefly before the end of one season?
Dammit! She was the only reason to watch The Cape. 

I thought Grim was going to be a pretty good show, but it has gotten lost in the shuffle as well.
I think the idiots in the television industry should give me a call, I can come up with a dozen shows that would be much much mu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-uch better than the crap that eats up most of the airwaves now.



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