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Well I said I was going to get out of the politics and start talking about my website some.Whether you know it or not Light Outdoors is an online shopping mall that carries almost everything, for your leisure, and sporting needs. You name it, we’ve got it. Clothes, Shoes, Camping gear, hunting gear, fishing tackle, auto parts, tools appliances, light fixtures, lighting solutions, books and magazines,survival and tactical gear, costumes, movies and music.So click on this Outdoor Gear link, and check out everything we have to offer.This is a sampling from the sporting goods section, of our home page at Light Outdoors.This sample is from a company called The House, for more choices on sporting goods go here.

Product Search:        
Backpacks & Bags Golf Shirts & Polos Tools & Tuning
Ballast Bags Headphones Shorts Totes & Purses
Ballast Pumps Hoodies Skate Shoes Towables
Beanies Inflatables Skateboard Towers
Boardshorts Jeans & Pants Skateboards Travel Bags
Boat Accessories Kayak Accessories Ski Wakeboard
BRANDS Kayak Paddles Skis Wakeboards
Caps Kayaks Snowboard Wakeskate
Casual Boots Kayaks Touring Snowboards Wakeskates
Casual Jackets Miscellaneous Snowskates Wakesurfers
Clothing Accessories Neo Accessories Socks Watches
First Layer Neo Tops Stickers Waterski Handles
First Layer Fleece Protective Gear Street Waterskis
Fleece Pylons Sunglasses Wet Suits
Footstraps & Pads Rashguards T-Shirts Windsurfing

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