The night was moonless and dark, the type of night when your shadow can’t even see your shadow.
The old man sat beside the barrel, drinking a bottle of cheap rum, wishing that he had more wood for the fire.
Gazing intently into the fire that bellowed forth from the barrel, the old man never saw what hit him.
The bottle fell to the ground, as did the old man, his body growing cold as it fell, his eyes glazing over,  his heart no longer beating.
It would be three days before anyone found his mutilated remains.
Ray Bob, Tom, and Slim were taking a short cut through the old abandoned textile mill.
“What the hell is that smell?” asked Ray Bob.
“I think it’s a dead dog or a possum.” said Slim.
“Whew. I aint never smelled no possum or dog that smelled like that.” Tom added.
As they rounded the corner from the old loading dock and entered what had once been a warehouse, the smell got stronger, the three men saw the lump laying by the old fire barrel.
“See, I told you it was a possum.” said Slim.
“Well I have never seen a possum, wearing a wristwatch.” said Tom.
Ray Bob reached down and picked up the remains of the old mans arm. “Hey it’s a Timex.” He said as he removed the watch and put it in his pocket.
“Hey that watch might have some inscription on it so that someone might be able to identify this guy.” said Tom.
Ray Bob pulled the watch back out from his pocket and spread the band far enough to look at the back of it.
“Well?” asked Slim.
“You’re right.” said Ray Bob.
“What does it say?” Asked Tom.
“It says, Dear Ray Bob, enjoy your new watch, I don’t need it anymore, love the old dead guy.” Ray Bob said as he placed the watch back into his pocket.
Just then a noise startled the three men, turning around they saw…….
To be continued….
Now NBC this is what I am talking about.
Cancel a freaking show, and leave it in a cliffhanger.
Who the hell is Earl Jr.’s daddy if it aint Darnell?
You bastards!

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