Global Warming, My Big Frozen Hairy Butt.

Al Gore can kiss my entire butt, infact his breath might defrost it a little.
This stinking weather here in the great state of Alabama has gone extremely haywire.
At least once a week we get these freezing temperatures and then BAM!! Back up to a nice sunny 40 0r 50 degrees.
Recently we had a nice little freeze along with a couple of inches of snow and ice.
Now I know all you yankees up there in the North where you deal with snow every day like to make fun of us Southerners for your perception that we don’t know how to drive in snow. Of course you might want to look around your neighborhood before you go to laughing to loud. Hundred car pile ups for fog!
See the problem down here is that all of our weather people get their forecasts from the same place, then they change said forecast to make the average watcher think they came up with it all on their own.
I get my weather from and so do all the weather forecasters on television. I just don’t change mine from the original. Of course I’m not a weather man so why the hell would I?
The point I’m making is when you see snow and ice accumulation on the site and you’ve got a little time to prepare yourself, no matter what any of the talking heads on the local news says, be prepared.
Instead of being prepared, everyone took these clowns seriously and then we had school closing all at the same time, so everyone took off to rush to schools and get their kids, of course they all wanted to get there ahead of someone else. PASSING ON ICE IS NOT SMART YOU NIMRODS! BUNCH OF FREAKIN IDIOTS… AH HELL BUY SOME SNOW CHAINS.. BE PREPARED.

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