Elroy J. Catt and The Crisis of Identities

Hi, Big Weird Guy, also known as Gary here.
I thought I would take a little time to enlighten those that don’t know as to the facts and fictions of Elroy J. Catt.

Elroy came to live with us a couple of years ago right around Christmas time.
He just showed up one evening and we tried unsuccessfully to run him off.
But he would keep coming back. We found out that he belonged to a woman who lives not far from us, but for some reason he enjoyed hanging out here more than over there.
Maybe it was because of our other cat Spookie Marie Moosebaum.

You see the caring woman got Spookie Marie Moosebaum when she was just a little kitten and brought her here.

When Spookie would go out roaming around for a little while Elroy would follow her home.
At first all we could see of him was his eyes glowing from under my truck and we thought maybe it was a fox or something planning on hurting or killing Spookie, so we would run it off.
One evening we got a better look at it and realized it was a cat, and no matter how many times we chased him away, Elroy came right back here.

Our neighbor told us of the lady who supposedly owned him so we had him call her and tell her that her cat was over here.
She came and got him the first time.
The second time which was approximately fifteen minutes after she had picked him up and he had returned, she said if we wanted the danged thing to keep him if not call the pound.
Now I believe that the pound does a lot of good in taking in stray animals or animals that people can no longer care for, but I also know that the pound kills numerous animals because they cannot afford to keep them for too long.
I did not want that.
So having never been a cat person I did the unthinkable, I placed a bowl of food and some water outside for the cat that would later go by the name of Elroy Jefferson Catt.

The first time I put the food out and called for him he came right to me and he has been here ever since. That was right before Christmas in 2015.

After a couple of days he had become so comfortable here that not only would he follow Spookie right into the house he would sit out in the swing and literally talk to me.
I don’t mean just meow occasionally, he would carry on conversation. Although he spoke cat and I spoke redneck we somehow made it work.
He would actually respond when you asked him a question or made a statement. Not just a simple meow but a several in a row depending on how complex the question or answer might be.

Shortly after coming to live with us Elroy got sick.

 So sick that his breathing was wheezing and he was coughing and gagging quite a bit. 

We carried him to the vet and was told that on top of an ear and sinus infection he had polyps.
The polyps he had were extremely large and would require surgery, normally they reach in through the ear canal and pull them out. Elroy’s would require them to actually cut his neck and pull them out through there. These things were huge (they saved them to show them to us).

For the first time in my life I was actually worried about a stinking cat.
Well they fixed him, in more ways than one and he returned home.
Later he would make the mistake of running across the driveway as I backed out with my truck resulting in me running over him, his head to be specific. I drive an F150 extended cab pickup. Fearing it was the end of Elroy J.  we rushed him to the vet where we were told he had a mild concussion and a slight laceration on his jaw.
I drove over his head in a full size pickup and he had a MILD concussion.
He has since learned to stay away from moving vehicles and I have learned to spot him if he is outside before I move my truck.

Now lets get down to his identities.

When Elroy is attacking my speaker this is what he sees


This however is what I see

When he is sitting on the top shelf behind my desk he feels this way

However what I see as he is waiting on the last fig newton is this;

When he is climbing into the bed and pretending to be stealthy this is how he sees himself;

But as we all know this is what it is really like;

When the alarm clock goes off and he nails my foot I am almost certain this is how he sees himself;

Me, on the other hand see it more like this;

when he is making his rounds and finds the toilet paper in the bathroom I am pretty sure he sees himself in this manner;

The aftermath however makes me see him like this;

But regardless of how he sees himself and how I imagine it the main way I see him is like this;

Just a really cool and fun little cat.

So I really don’t know if we have Elroy or if Elroy has us, either way I am sure that all of our lives are better for it.


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