Elroy J. Catt and A Visit From Old Saint Nick.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house.
Not a creature was stirring especially not a mouse.
For they were afraid of neither gun, trap nor bat
They were in fear of Elroy J. Catt.
Elroy minded the kitchen and looked at the tree
Where patiently waiting was Spookie Marie

For early that day they had made them a plan
They would wait up all night for the jolly fat man
Not the big weird guy, no he wasn’t the cause
They waited patiently, for good old Santa Claus
The loud boy was sleeping all snug in his bed
While roaches and spiders crawled over his head
The big weird guy had finally settled down
The caring woman was asleep in her gown

They wandered around, they checked out the barbecue grill
They posted the dogs as lookouts on top of the hill
They watched all the routes for an escape plan
They planned on watching that little fat man
He comes in through chimneys Elroy proclaimed
But  he’s too big to fit Spookie Exclaimed
Maybe he shrinks Elroy J. Catt said.
Tiny like a mouse or a spider instead.
I want to see him said Spookie Marie
I want to watch him put presents under the tree

The little cats waited and waited as the night became quite
If necessary they would wait and wait up all night
Then out on the lawn arose such a clatter
Elroy said Spookie lets see whats the matter
There in the glow of the many Christmas lights here
Could be seen a man on a sleigh with eight tiny reindeer
They circled around and came to a stop on the roof
Where Elroy and Spookie could hear each tiny hoof
Of the little reindeer when they stopped really quick
And there by the tree appeared old Saint Nick
Not Saban the coach of Alabama Fame
But the one who used Santa as his other name

Spookie and Elroy stood there in awe
Each covering their mouth with one little paw
It’s you it’s really you Spookie said after a pause
It’s really you, you really are Santa Clause
Santa gave them a nod and pats on their heads
Shouldn’t you kitties be asleep in your beds
I’ve been very good Elroy said and Spookie has too
Except when she pooped in the weird guys old shoe
I couldn’t help it, Spookie said with a frown
She felt as if she had let Santa down
Do not worry for all is still well
His shoes stunk already you could hardly even tell
Then with a smile and a laugh he floated away
Back to the roof, while Elroy and Spookie had to stay
They ran to the window watching as the sleigh took to flight
Then heard him say, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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