DIY Tip Car Maintenance 1 Rotating Tires

Simple maintenance on your car, truck or suv can save a lot of money in repairs, and the best part is that with most maintenance you don’t have to have a mechanic.Today I am going to talk about rotating the tires on your car, this simple thing can give you more usage out of your tires, thus saving you some money.Okay lets get started.StepĀ 1 park on a level or as close to level spot as you can.StepĀ  2 locate the best spot for the jack, some cars have notches in the under carriage for the jack to fit. Of course if you use the old roll around floor jack like I do, then you find a good flat spot on the under carriage close to the tire you are about to change. It’s best to have two jacks to do this with or some jack stands.Step 3 jack up the car.Step 4 remember you should have set the parking brake and scotched the tires as you chase your car and the roll around floor jack down the driveway.Step 5 lower the car and pull back up to the starting spot.Step 6 scotch the tires.Step 7 jack up the car.Step 8 let the car back down so you can break the lug nuts loose.Step 9 Smack knuckles against ground while breaking lug nuts loose, very important to remember this step.Step 10 Explain to girlfriend/wife/significant other, that jumping up and down and yelling profanity is a family tradition when changing tires.Step 11 jack the darn car back up.step 12 remove the previously loosened lug nuts.Step 13 Remove the tire.Okay here is where if you have two jacks you can do this easier, but we are assuming you only have the one.Step 14 place spare in place of tire that was just removed.Step 15 install lug nuts to keep tire from falling off, you don’t have to tighten them all the way just snug them up good.Step 16 jack up other tire on the same side, and follow previous steps for removing that tire.Step 17 try to remember which tire you just took off and which tire you took off first, and then put the tire you took off first on in place of the tire you just removed.Step 18 tighten lug nuts.Step 19 lower car.Step 20 raise car back up and remove foot from under tire.Step 21 lower car and tighten the hell out of the lug nuts.Step 22 raise other tire back off the ground, (the one with the spare ) replace spare with tire you just removed.Step 23 follow above directions for the other side.Step 24 drink beer, lots of beer and try to remember if you tightened all the lug nuts.Step 25 loose wheel on highway because you were too drunk to remember step 24.I hope this tutorial helps you, tune in tomorro when we will be discussing changing oil.

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