College Kids

Think they can fix the world.

Looking at yesterday’s news, I see a bunch of idiots at UAB protesting Alabama’s immigration bill. These fools think they can fix everything when they really wouldn’t have sense enough to poor piss out of a boot with directions on the heel.

I want to see how many of these same people are protesting when an illegal has taken their job, or their place in class. How about when an illegal has taken their student aid, I would be willing to bet that every damned one of them would be singing a different tune.

Here’s the thing, I do not have a problem with anyone trying to better their life. I have a problem when someone tries to better their life illegally at the cost of all the legal citizens.
How does it cost us you might ask? Go ahead prop up on your protest sign and ask.

Hospital bills and time, most of these illegals that you all love so much, use the emergency room as a doctors office and never pay, which causes hospitals to have to raise their rates for those that do pay or in the case of the state of California, hospitals go bankrupt.

Car insurance, rates go higher with a larger influx of illegals because if they have a car accident they get out of their vehicle and run and even if they didn’t they would have no insurance which leaves you and your insurance company to replace your vehicle. If you have only liability coverage then you have to replace your vehicle yourself. Add to that, certain insurance companies will not cover your vehicle (even with full coverage) in the event it is damaged by and illegal driver. Which means basically if they can’t sue someone you are on your own.

The laws of supply and demand  go into overdrive. Housing costs, fuel costs, food, electricity, medical bills, even landfill rates skyrocket as a result of a greater demand.

The worst part of it is a lot of illegals will take jobs at a lower rate, which forces legal citizens out of business because they can’t compete.  

Government offices are forced to close. When you have more people taking from the system than you have paying into the system  it hurts everyone. When legal taxpayers are no longer working, they are no longer paying taxes. Illegals do not pay taxes and do not put money back into the economy.
In 2009 over 75 billion dollars was sent to Mexico by illegal immigrants working here in America.

Here’s a way to look at it. Let’s say you have a house. a two bedroom one bath house. Your brother/sister/cousin/whatever needs a place to stay, you take them in okay it cramps your style a little but you can deal with it because you are being a nice person and helping out a family member.
Okay you are paying the bills, they are not. You notice your water bill has increased because more people are taking showers and using the bathroom and drinking water.

Your power bill increases because your relative, who is paying nothing, is staying up late leaving lights on and watching television all night long. Still they are paying nothing.

Your grocery bill increases, because what used to last you a week now only last three days.

Then your relative decides to move their girlfriend/boyfriend/child/dog/whatever in with you because they/it needed a place to stay as well. Still they contribute nothing.

Eventually you are go from getting by to not getting by. You go from being able to pay your bills on time to having to borrow money to pay your bills, or having to pawn or sell your belongings to keep from losing your house.

That’s what is happening with America and the state of Alabama in general.
More people are taking than are contributing.

Go into any welfare office, medicaid office, or emergency room and see what you see most of.

School systems are having to hire interpreters to teach children that do not speak English.

Government offices are having to hire interpreters.

Who pays for this? Not the illegals because they do not pay taxes.
Meanwhile you and I no longer have a job because what we were making ten dollars an hour to do, an illegal is doing for eight.

I know several brick masons that cannot find work anymore because of immigrants doing it for less money.
These same brick masons were paying taxes every year that were more than my current salary, now those tax dollars are no longer going back into the government.
A government, just like a household cannot function when it spends more than it takes in.
As long as tax paying Americans are being forced out of work and non tax paying illegals are taking jobs, the country as a whole is going to suffer, it’s basic economics, something obviously the UAB protesters know nothing about.
Again, I do not have a problem with someone wanting a better life for them or their family, but I expect them to have to go by the same rules that I have to go by.
Illegal immigration is a problem and until idiots such as the ones protesting understand that, this country will keep going to hell in a hand basket.
I know they think they are saving the world, but until they have lived in that world they have no clue.

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