Cheese Dip Recipe (Great for Football Games)

So I made some of my great cheese dip for the ball game the other day and had a few folks ask me for the recipe, so I decided I would put it up here in case any of you three folks that read this blog would like a great recipe that is easy to make for ball games, parties or just the hell of it.
To start with there are three basic ways I make it, one involves fresh tomatoes, cilantro, onions, peppers and mushrooms and takes about four hours to make.
One involves a crock pot, canned stuff and takes about two hours to make.
Then there is the fast an easy one which takes about thirty minutes to make.
Here’s the ingredients.
One block of Velveeta Cheese (Mexican is best).
One package of Taco Seasoning (I use Old El Paso).
One Pound of ground beef (I try to use deer meat for this, but sometimes use ground chuck or ground beef).
One pound of ground pork sausage (Tennessee Pride Hot works best although you can use something milder if you want).
One can of Rotel with Habenero peppers.
One can of Rotel with green chili peppers.
One jar of Picante sauce (I often make my own but that goes into the long recipe version)
One jar of Salsa (there again I often make my own but this is the quick version so I won’t go into all those details).

Okay in a large pot, pour in the picante and salsa, then drain the liquid out of the Rotel stuff and pour it into the pot, turn on low heat and cut up and add in the cheese (the smaller you cut the cheese the quicker it melts).
Once the cheese is melted add in the taco seasoning.
While the cheese is melting you can go ahead and brown the ground beef (or what ever) and drain all the grease off of it you can (that’s why I like to use deer, very little to almost no grease).
Add the ground beef (it’s okay if the cheese is still melting when you add it.
Brown the pork sausage, chopping it up as fine as you can with the spatula while it’s cooking then add it into the pot.
As soon as the cheese has melted and the meat has all been added stir it pretty good and let it simmer for a couple of minutes and it’s ready to go.
Grab some good tortilla chips and enjoy.

You can make it hotter or milder by changing some of the ingredients but this is how I make it and it goes great with Beer and football.

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