Changing The Fuel Pump On A 1996 F150

If you have to change your fuel pump my first word of advice is take it to a shop.
If you are one of these do it yourself people (idiots) like me then here is a detailed tutorial on how to perform this task.
There are two ways to do this and neither are very good.

The first way is if you have access to a lift and a proper jack you can drop the tank and the procedure should take about 1 hour.

The second way is to remove the truck bed leaving the tank in place.

I went with the second.
Okay so now that  we have established that you are doing it the second way, lets get started with this tutorial.

First you should know that I have a knee that is not co-operating in any shape form or fashion.
So go sprain your knee and that way you can do it just like I did.

Step one – Remove the negative cable from the battery.

Step two – If you have a bedliner remove it from the bed.

Step three – Remove three screws in each of the filler necks. They hold the filler necks to the bed.

Step four – Crawl under the truck and realize that you have the wrong socket for your impact wrench. It requires a 3/4 inch socket.

Step five – Cuss (curse for you proper speaking folks) I found words like motor scooter, mother father, and you son of a biscuit work best.

Step six –  Get the right socket and crawl back under the truck.
Step seven – Remove the six nuts that hold the bed down, be sure to get lots of dirt and dust in your face and eyes.

Step eight –  Unplug the tail light connectors, making sure you get plenty of dirt and debris in your eyes again.

Step nine –  Work the bed back until you have enough room to get to the fuel pump.

Step ten – Unplug the electrical connector that powers the fuel pump.

Step eleven – Remove the fuel lines from the fuel pump. This step requires a special tool and a lot of cussing, unless the fuel lines come loose easily. Mine did not.

Step twelve –  Remove the plate that holds the fuel pump in place. Use a non-ferrous punch or chisel to do this so you avoid sparks.

Step thirteen – Remove the fuel pump assembly from the tank.

Step fourteen – Once you have removed the fuel pump assembly, remove the float assembly from the fuel pump.

Step fifteen – The new fuel pump comes with a little plastic wedge place it around one of the lines and using a flat head screw driver, gently pry the lines out of the old fuel pump.

Step sixteen – Cut the wires to the fuel pump (red and black wires) and toss that sucker. Be sure not to cut your sending unit wires (smaller yellow and brown wires).

Step seventeen – Insert the tubes into the new fuel pump, may have to push hard to get them in.

Step eighteen – Connect the fuel pump wires with the butt splices that should have came with your new fuel pump.

Step nineteen – Reattach the float assembly to the new pump.

Step twenty – Put your gasket (should have came with the new pump) on the assembly and work it toward the top.

Step twenty one – Make sure to put the new strainer on the bottom of the fuel pump.

Step twenty two – Put the fuel pump assembly back into the tank. There are two tabs you must line up to do this. Make sure your gasket is where it needs to be.

Step twenty three – Reinstall the clamp ring that holds the fuel pump assembly in place.

Step twenty four – Reinstall the fuel lines and plug the wiring harness back together.

Step twenty five – Reinstall your battery cable and make sure your fuel pump is working.

Step twenty six – If fuel pump is working reinstall the bed of the truck.

Step twenty seven – Once you have the bed of the truck installed and all the connectors hooked back up, and the filler tubes back in place and screwed down, drink a cold beer.

Step twenty eight – Figure out how much this is worth to you to have to do again and then next time you need to have this done, hire someone.



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