Gun Control – A Tight Grip and A Steady Hand.

This is an excerpt from a story that was posted in the Armed Citizen section of the NRA’s website.

An unwitting Shelby County, Ala., homeowner unknowingly helped in the capture of four inmates who had escaped from a Georgia prison. When the citizen arrived home early one morning, he found four men attempting to rob his house. (They had apparently broken in just as he pulled up, from working the night shift).
The homeowner retrieved his gun (that he legally carries in his truck) and fired, hitting one in the face. The men fled but dropped off (pitched the son of a bitch out in the store parking lot) their injured conspirator at a nearby store so that he could get medical attention (They didn’t give a damn about his medical attention they just wanted the bloody fool out of the vehicle that they had stolen earlier).
Shortly thereafter, the three other men were apprehended in the area without incident (With the aid of other armed citizens).
The homeowner was not charged, according to the local district attorney, because, “If we as a society ever get to the point where people are not entitled to defend themselves in their own home, then the law has totally lost its perspective.”

I was around when this took place and the local store mentioned is three miles from my house and the location this took place in is about three and a quarter miles from my house. The comments in bold are mine.

An incident that occurred with me happened in Birmingham. I was helping my wife in a child custody case against her ex husband and was coming out of our lawyers office. It was about 2:30 on a Friday afternoon in the middle of June  the temperature was in the high eighties or low nineties. A man was standing on the corner just in front of my lawyer’s office and I was passing on my way to my truck.
The guy was wearing a heavy black coat, had a pair of shoes hanging around his neck and had a towel laid over his left hand. Suspicion meter kicks on.
I had about two blocks to walk to my truck (parking in Birmingham is a pain in the butt), as I walked past he asked if I knew where highway 280 was from where we were standing. I replied that it was about two blocks in the opposite direction of which he was facing.
He smiled and said, You aint from around here is you?
I said No I live in Shelby County but I come up here all the time.
He said I’ve been living in Birmingham all my life. Suspicion meter moves from moderate to reason for concern.
I said Well then you should know where highway 280 is.
He stuck out his right hand and said You got me there man.
I don’t shake hands with too many people especially with people who have their other hand covered up.
I just said have a good day and continued walking. Suspicion meter moves up to medium high.
After I had gotten about fifteen paces from him (yes I kept my eye on him to see what he was doing) another guy stepped out of the bushes and fell in with him walking up the street in the same direction I was walking.
In a couple of minutes a woman stepped out from a building and walked toward me, I passed her and noticed that she was steadily looking me over as we passed. I’m not a pretty man and am damn sure nothing for anybody to be looking at like she was looking at me. Suspicion meter pegs out. 
I notice that when she gets to the two guys she turns and falls in step with them.
When I get to where my truck is parked I take out my keys and walk to the driver side (street side) of my pickup.
The shoe wearing guy says, Hey man hold up a minute. They increase their speed from a fast walk to a trot toward my position. I failed to mention that I am a legal concealed carrier. I removed the AMT Backup II from my back pocket  so that they can see it and place it on the dash of my truck with my hand resting on the grip.
I never pointed it at them. Never had to. They saw that I was armed and turned an ran. I spoke with a Birmingham police officer later and he was more concerned about why I was carrying a firearm than he was about doing a report . Since they didn’t actually rob me (although he said that was their intent) no crime was committed. He also said that robberies like that was an everyday occurrence there.
All of this reinforced my belief that police officers especially in the larger cities don’t care unless they have to respond to something like this and that if you are willing to trust someone else with your safety (police included) then you are a fool.

So picture this scenario. You wife is across town at the supermarket. A rapist with aids is closing in on her.
She has two minutes (which is about one minute and fifty-five seconds more than she would have in reality) to make a choice of which item to use to save her life. A condom, a cell phone, pepper spray or a firearm.

Which do you think she would be better off using?
A rapist doesn’t worry much about condoms.
By the time she gets 911 on the phone it would be too late, and the rapist will have done what he started out to do before the police to finally get there.
Pepper spray? I hope it isn’t windy, and although it works to an extent on people that are not using drugs pepper spray hardly effects someone on crystal meth, if anything it makes them irate.
A firearm makes a big difference in these type of situations. In fact most of the time you don’t even have to fire it just letting someone see that you are willing to shoot them usually changes their minds even if they are cracked up or on meth.

Never give up your rights for a false sense of safety.

Gun Safety Is The Best Form Of Gun Control

Last time we talked about gun safety and the need to explain to kids about guns and what they are capable of.

I found this video displaying some of the safety guidelines that we spoke of.

Check out the rest of his videos here

You can also check out The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program teaches children in pre-K through third grade four important steps to take if they find a gun. These steps are presented by the program’s mascot, Eddie Eagle®, in an easy-to-remember format consisting of the following simple rules:

If you see a gun:
Don’t Touch.
Leave the Area.
Tell an Adult.

Begun in 1988, The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program has reached more than 21 million children — in all 50 states. This program was developed through the combined efforts of such qualified professionals as clinical psychologists, reading specialists, teachers, curriculum specialists, urban housing safety officials, and law enforcement personnel.
Read More Here

As a gun owner and a father, one thing I never want to hear is that my son accidentally shot someone or shot himself.
Something else I never want to hear is that some piece of scum that should not be walking around in society, broke into my house and raped and killed members of my family.
In this age of home invasions, car jackings, overburdened police departments and the fact that the Supreme Court ruled that it is not the police’s job to protect you (have you noticed “To Protect and To Serve” is no longer on police cars?), you have to protect yourself (which we will cover later), but no matter what form of protection you use always make sure to educate your children on it.

Gun Safety – My Version of Gun Control

Gun control has been a big political issue for at least the last thirty years.
I have never supported gun control in any shape form or fashion, because it has been proven time after time that gun control does not work.
In the nanny state that America has become, no one is responsible for their actions, they want to blame everyone else for their lack of energy, character, education or moral fiber.
Going even further than that some misguided souls have decided to blame the gun for the crime committed.
That’s like blaming the car for an auto accident, or blaming the keyboard for my misspellings.
A gun is an inanimate object, someone has to point it and pull the trigger before it does anything.
I firmly believe that law abiding citizens should be allowed to carry what ever type of firearm they want, however they want to carry it. They should also be prepared to withstand scrutiny in the event they should use it.

Do I believe that violent criminals should be prohibited from possessing a fire arm? I believe that violent criminals should be prohibited from being free.

Okay now that I have my little political rant out of the way, let’s talk about gun safety.
If you keep a loaded gun in your house (an empty gun is not going to protect you) here are some things to make sure of.

1 It is kept in your reach but out of reach of young children.
This means that small children (or children that are incapable of understanding) are not allowed access to your firearm, but you have it close at hand in the event it is needed. Remember the old saying “Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”  This applies to several things and firearms are one of them.

2 All children in the house are taught about the gun.
This means demonstrate to them what it can do (shooting a 2 liter bottle filled with water works). Let them know that they are not to touch the gun without your supervision. Let them know that if they do touch the gun, without your supervision they will be punished. The biggest thing is let them know that when that trigger if pulled and that bullet leave the barrel, there is not taking it back. When you shoot something it stays shot whether you meant to shoot it or not.
Don’t hide the gun from the kids. Teach them about it. When you hide something from kids it makes them more curious about it. They are more likely to play with the gun that they find hidden than they are with the one they see everyday and know about. An example of this is both of my kids were taught from the time they were young, not to touch any of my guns without my direct supervision. They were both taught what happens when you shoot something.
Both of them know the difference between real guns and toy guns and the big thing is that both of them are not impressed with guns or excited by them like kids that have never shot.

3 Don’t point the barrel at anything or anyone that you are not intending to shoot.
That is simple enough to understand.

4  When shooting, know what is behind what you are shooting at. There has been many a deer that managed to get in between me and the farmhouse near where I was hunting, that has gotten a free pass.
It’s real simple if I don’t know what is on the other side of the deer, I’m not going to shoot at it. I don’t need the meat bad enough that I am going to risk hurting or killing someone for it. The same principle applies for target shooting as well.
Make sure of what is behind that target. A big mound of dirt works wonders, as do trees or logs. Rocks or metal should be avoided due to the possibility of ricochets.

5 Make sure you keep a firm grip on the gun. Pistol, rifle or shotgun it doesn’t matter what it is, a firm grip can be the difference between hitting your target and having a disaster.  A loose grip lets the gun jump, in the event of big bore handguns it can mean jumping and hitting you in the head, or flying out of your hand and hitting the ground, some of the cheaper made semi automatics can be dropped and possibly go off.

6 When you store your firearms, make sure they are safely put away.
I have a gun cabinet that I built it holds ten rifles or shotguns or any combination of the two, up to ten. The gun cabinet has a cable that goes through the trigger guard and locks off to the other side.
All of the guns in the cabinet are locked away with empty magazines, or chambers.
For my handguns I have a metal safe that I lock them away in. Also these guns are empty when they are put away.
The gun I carry for self defense sits on my desk right beside me. It stays loaded with the safety on (don’t trust safeties) and within reach. If anyone walks in they are assessed and the gun is either left sitting put under my desk or in my hand.

7 Know your gun. Read the owners manual, learn how to take it apart and clean it properly. If you don’t know how ask the person that you are buying it from. Most gun shops will gladly show you how to take the gun apart for cleaning and proper reassembly.

8 Use common sense. Understand you can’t bring a bullet back once it has been fired. You can’t unshoot anyone or anything. If the firearm is in bad shape (rust, pits or something in the barrel) do not shoot it.

9 Enjoy your second amendment right responsibly.

Here are some arguements about gun control.

Gun control makes people safer.  True. Gun control makes violent criminals safer and violent criminals are still people, even though the behave like animals.

Gun control will lower the homicide rate. How is that working out for Mexico?

Gun control saves lives.  That has never been proven. The sad part about this statement is that depending on where you go to get your information gun control has never been proven to save lives, according to the FBI.

Why do we need guns in a civilized society?  What makes you think we live in a civilized society? Rapes, murders, child molestation, thefts, drug dealings, political corruption, wars, riots and meanness in general pretty much insures that our society although advanced, is anything but civilized.

Gun control only effects the law abiding citizen in that it restricts their right to owning a gun, criminals on the other hand are not effected by gun control because they don’t obey the laws.
Unless a world wide ban on guns is implemented and all the guns ever made and still usable are destroyed gun control will never work. Then criminals will turn to knives, axes, or any other means to achieve their goals.

RedHead Gun Safe

RedHead Gun Safe

Burglary-resistant safe measures 59″ x 23″ x 20″ for a total of 15.7 cubic feet of space. Safe holds up to 16 long guns. Features Mechanical combination lock 1-way active bolt work Eight 1″ diameter locking bolts Reinforced door Straight handle Weight: 240 lbs. Limited Lifetime Warranty . RedHead® Gun Safe

Game Scouting Cameras

We’ve all seen the images taken from game cameras showing things out in the woods or around houses and such.
Now is the perfect time to buy your game camera and get it set up and ready.
Why now you might ask. Simply because if you get your game camera set up in the woods this time of year you can see where the deer and other game animals are, what they are doing and what time they are out there.
With the modern game cameras that are out there now, you don’t have to take film in and have it developed you just pop an SD card into your game camera, then take it out the next day stick it into your computer and take a look at what the game camera has seen.

There are quite a few game cameras out there these days and with the improvements in technology you have more than one choice and all of them have great features.
My first one was a Moultrie Game Spy D-55 5.0 Megapixel IR Digital Game Camera.  Although this was one of the cheaper game cameras out there (I’ll admit I’m a cheap skate), it worked very well. The best thing about it was there was no film to deal with.
Although I have not tried it, I have heard the Primos TRUTH Cam 60 1.3MP/3.1MP/5.0MP/7.0MP Infrared Game Scouting Camera is a good one also.
Of course you can also go for the more expensive game scouting cameras.

Smart Scouter? Wireless Digital Game Camera Smart Scouter? Wireless Digital Game Camera


CHECK YOUR SCOUTING PHOTOS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Wherever you have Internet access–computer, cell phone, PDA–you can now quickly retrieve all your game scouting camera images and manage game camera usage, all with a few keystrokes! The Smart Scouter is a self-contained digital game scouting camera that wirelessly sends trail photos via the cellular network. All you need is a Smart Scouter camera and a monthly wireless subscription from Smart Scouter, which allows you to manage your camera settings and get your photos from your own personal account. This system has a base monthly charge of $14.99 and $.04 per photo for average monthly charges of around $20. (Accounts can be put into hibernation for $7.99 a month) Stop disturbing your hunting area, and quit wasting your time and money traveling to check your trail photos. Pick your best hunting location for the season based on up-to-the-minute info. The Smart Scouter Wireless Digital Game Camera also works great for remote security applications. With a removable memory card (not included), you can also set up the game camera traditionally and use it as a non-wireless scouting camera. And when you compare the costs of film and processing with traditional game cameras, travel to and from game camera locations, and your time and trouble, the savings you get with the Smart Scouter really add up! Look to for more This 1.3 MP digital game scouting camera automatically sends its images to your account for instant wireless retrieval, anywhere in the world. (It also can be used with a removable CF memory card for traditional use. Card not included) With 3 Smart Passive Infrared motion sensors and 50 powerful infrared LED bulbs, the Smart Scouter Wireless Digital Game Camera takes quality photos at all times without spooking game, even at nighttime distances of 60′. Built-in laser pointing system for accurate setup. Easy-to-use control panel for quick and simple setup. Onboard 6V rechargeable battery (included). Features: Check your scouting game camera images anywhere you can see the internet Camera sends images through cellular network Removes necessity of walking through hunting area to get camera images Can set up as a traditional scouting game camera Save time and money 1.3 megapixel camera Three Smart Passive Infrared motion sensors 50 infrared LED bulb flash Built-in laser pointing system for setup Easy to use control panel Comes with 6V rechargeable battery . Smart Scouter? Wireless Digital Game Camera


Primos TRUTH X Cam 7.0 Megapixel Infrared Game Scouting Camera Primos TRUTH X Cam 7.0 Megapixel Infrared Game Scouting Camera


Compact design Trigger speeds under one second 62 infrared LEDs Provides flawless infrared coverage out to 65′ Full-color 2.5″ screen Simple, fun-to-use icon-based menu View or delete photos on the spot Live screen preview allows perfect timing every time All settings, including camera resolution, are adjustable Matrix camo case with heavy-duty hook strap The most advanced TRUTH Cam compact design, lots of innovative features, longest battery life. With trigger speeds under one second and 62 infrared LEDs, it provides flawless infrared coverage out to 65′! Full-color 2.5″ screen offers a simple, fun-to-use icon-based menu; you can view or delete photos on the spot, and the live screen preview allows perfect aiming every time. All settings, including camera resolution, are adjustable. Matrix camo case with heavy-duty hook strap. Dimensions: 7.5″H x 5.5″W x 3.25″D. Manufacturer model #: 63040.. Primos® TRUTH X Cam 7.0 Megapixel Infrared Game Scouting Camera


Regardless of which game cameras you use be sure to get a security box like the
Moultrie Security Box Camera Mount
, because once you invest in a game scouting camera the last thing you want to happen is for it to be stolen.

Their are also some other game scouting camera accessories you might want to look into like a
Moultrie 4GB SD Memory Card
for instance.
You also might want a Moutrie Plug In Multi Card Reader in order to read the sd card from you game cameras or whatever else you use the sd card for.
Clicking any of the game scouting camera links will take you too more game camera accessories.

The Best Deer Rifle

So I was standing in the local Co-op the other day, looking for some tractor parts, when the conversation turned to hunting.
I was asked by someone else what was the best gun for deer hunting.
I responded with “Do you want to know the best gun or my opinion of the best gun?”
The guy said he wanted to know the best gun.
So I asked “What kind of gun do you own?”
He told me he had a Remington Model 700 in 270.
So I asked, “Can you hit with it?”
He said, “Yeah.”
I asked, “Is it reliable?”
He said  “Yeah.”
I said, “You already have the best gun.”
He said “Huh?”
So I tried to explain like this, There are several facts, A Browning Medallion is a Browning Medallion.
A Remington 700 is a Remington 700, a Ford is a Ford and a Chevy is a Chevy. Those are facts.
Getting to the best of anything is an opinion based on variables.
Opinion one A Ruger M77 is the best rifle ever.
Variable1 – Do you own a Ruger M77?
If you answered no to Variable 1,
Variable 2 – Can you afford a Ruger M77?
If you answered no to Variable 2 then a Ruger M77 isn’t worth a nickel to you. (Not picking on Rugers here, as I own a couple and they are good rifles and they make great handguns as well. It’s just their rifles are a bit pricy).
The best Deer Rifle is one that you can afford, you can shoot accurately (Because you want to kill the deer quickly) and that you can rely on.
You don’t have to have a new gun to hunt with each year, unless for some reason or another you got rid of or lost your other one.
I prefer my old Remington Sportsman 78, because even though there was an issue with the safeties and they were recalled and repaired, I can hit the best with it. When I shoot a deer (emphasis on when…actually that should be more of an if) I want it down quickly, I don’t want it to suffer or wander off and die slowly. My Remington does that.  Sure it didn’t cost half of what my Ruger cost, but when I scratch the stock, while wandering through the saw briar patch that I always seem to find myself in the middle of, I don’t worry so much about it.
When I squeeze the trigger it launches a bullet. Now granted I did get a little excited one day when a deer the size of a quarter horse stepped out in front of me, when I squeezed the trigger that pine tree never knew what hit it. It went down. The deer on the other hand just laughed and walked away. Which really stunk because when I tried the rifle again, thinking maybe my scope was off, hoping that my scope was off, praying that my scope was off, it put the bullet exactly on the crosshairs.
So when you are comparing rifles always remember the best gun is the one you own that you are comfortable with.
Colonel Jeff Cooper used to say ‘Be wary of the man that owns just one rifle, cause chances are he knows how to use it.’

Bow Season.


In Alabama bow season always starts right around October 15. That means from the date of my writing this to then you have a little over a month to prepare.

There’s nothing like bow hunting to test yourself. Whether you use a compound, recurve, longbow or crossbow, the thrill of watching that arrow hit its mark is exhilarating.

Here are a few tips for you (most bowhunters already know these)

1. Inspect.
Inspect your bow for cracks in the limbs, frayed strings or cables (if compound).
Check your sights, make sure everything is still where it should be.
If you use a release, check it and make sure that it is still working properly. A release that hangs or lets go to early, can mean the difference between a clean kill, a miss, or a wounded animal left to suffer.
If you use a stand inspect it thoroughly to make sure it is still in good working order.
Check your weight to make sure that your stand (if used) will still safely support you. Most hunting related accidents involve falls from stands.

2 Practice, practice, practice.
Practice shooting from different angles and different distances and with varying weather conditions. Not every shot is going to be from thirty yards, or forty, or ninety either for that matter. You want to be able to hit your target in different conditions, because most days when you are hunting, you’re not going to have the benefit of shooting a standing target, from thirty yards, with the sun against your back.
I practice shooting in the wind and in the rain, as well as under ideal conditions.
Practice stealth, being quiet in the woods  is far more important than most people realise, remember the animal you are hunting knows every sound that occurs in those woods, and when something is out of place they can sense it.
If you can hear it, see it or smell it, then you can bet they can too.
Practice safety, it’s great to get out there and kill that big buck, elk, bear, moose or whatever, but if you don’t make it home, then you have done absolutely no good. No one benefits from a hunting accident.

3. Know the laws.
Game laws and seasons vary from state to state, know your states laws before you step foot in the woods. Tickets are costly and jail time is more costly. Remember this a Conservation Officer (Game Warden) has heard every excuse you can think of and most judges will tell you that ignorance of the law is no excuse.
Make sure you have permission to be where you are when you are hunting or even crossing someone elses land. Written permission is required in a lot of states now, and if you are just crossing someone elses land to get to the land you hunt, if you are carrying your hunting gear (and why wouldn’t you be?) you are thought of as hunting that land.
Be polite to the conservation officers, the difference between a warning, a ticket, and going to jail, can often depend on your attitude and actions.

4. Kill no more than you need.
Don’t waste the life of an animal, just for the sake of saying you killed it. I have seen several carcasses laying where the hunter killed the animal and took only the head and antlers, leaving the meat, if you’re not going to eat it, there are others that will.
Conservation helps to ensure that there are animals left for other generations to hunt.

Hunting is a fun, challenging and sometimes dangerous hobby, it is one of the best ways to provide fresh meat that has not had any enhancements (preservatives, steroids, antibiotics) that store bought meat has.
It’s also a great way to enjoy nature at it’s finest, you and you alone pitting your wits against a better equipped animal.
That’s right when it comes to wits that animal is better equipped, you may have the bow, but that deer has the eyesight, the camouflage, the hearing and the sense of smell, not to mention the ability to sense when something is in the woods that doesn’t belong.
It is only through our ability to use tools (bows, firearms, etc…) that we actually can bring them home to the freezer.
Check out the selection of Archery Gear at

Be safe, have fun and good hunting.

Get A Tan Through Your Clothing

Cooltan Tan-Through Swimwear

Have you ever had the farmers tan, you know, where your tan
stops at your sleeves and your neck line?
The truth is anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors gets that type of tan.
So what do you do?
Well you can go to the tanning salon, wait for a free tanning bed, or get one of
those spray on tans that make you look a lovely shade of orange for a while, not
too mention waste a couple of hours plus gasoline to get there….. or you can
try Cooltan’s line of clothing and swimsuits.
With this line of tan through clothing, you can get a great natural tan, while
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Not only do you get a great natural tan, but the clothing actually acts as
sunscreen, protecting you from sun burn.
So you get cool, stylish, and comfortable clothing, that looks great, no
sunburn, and no tan lines

Women's RedSea Cooltan Tan-Through 2-piece swimsuit

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