The Old Man

Sat on the porch step, watching, waiting and gazing intently at the plant. The bloom opened, the petals spread and a beautiful bearded iris flower displayed its glory to the world.
The old man walked inside, his job was done for the day.

The old man sat on the porch step, watching the iris. A butterfly landed. Then another, they mated, the old man walked inside, his job was done for the day.

The old man sat on the porch step, the rain fell, the streams swelled in their banks, the old man walked inside, his job was done for the day.

The old man sat on the porch step, he watched the crops grow in his garden, he saw the fruit of his trees spring forth, he plucked out the weeds, he repelled the bad insects. The old man harvested, then the old man went inside, his job was done for the day.

The old man sat on the porch step, he watched as time moved around him, how long had he sat there, how much had he observed? The old man watched the children grow to become adults, the old man went inside, his job was done for the day.

The old man sat on the porch step, he watched the animals as they made their way across his lawn. When the last animal had passed the old man went inside, his job was done for the day.

The old man sat on the porch step, he did nothing, he had watched plenty, and knew there would be plenty more to see. 
The old man went inside, his job was done for the week.

2009 The Greatest Season Ever, A tribute to the Crimson Tide

The 2009 Crimson Tide has achieved what no other Alabama football team has ever done. In fact they have achieved a few things that no other Alabama team has done, and no other team in college football has done.
They have gone 14-0, won a Heisman Trophy, a Butkus award, The Broyles award, the SEC Championship, and the AP, and BCS National Championships.
Before this year Coach Nick Saban has never had back to back ten win seasons, this year he has had back to back perfect seasons.
A couple of other things to hit on is the fact that Coach Saban is the first head coach to win two National Championships at two different schools, since the AP first started in 1936.
He is also the first Head Coach to take two seperate teams to the SEC championship game.
Last but definitely not least, Coach Saban is the first Alabama head coach to defeat the Texas Longhorns.
The season had its ups and downs, there were a couple of games that were too close for comfort.
These same games proved that this Alabama team would not be denied.
The Tennessee game really showed the toughness of Alabama or else they took Tennessee to lightly, having to rely on not one but two blocked field goals (by Terrence Cody) to retain a win.
The Auburn game showed the resolution that Auburn had in shutting down Alabama’s running game and taking Mark Ingram out of it.
However Auburn in their haste to make Ingram our most valuable player on that day overlooked the receivers that Alabama has on it’s roster, which allowed Alabama to come from behind and win the game, by throwing the ball.
After leading most of the game, you could hear the hearts as they were ripped out and broken in War Eagle country, as Alabama put together a final game winning drive.
Sometimes a close victory is sweeter than a blow out, especially when the other teams fans, thinking they have won, have already started trash talking, only to have their mascot go from an eagle to a crow.
The SEC Championship game would see a much improved Crimson Tide, feeling they had something to prove after last years disappointing loss, come out and take control of the ball game from the opening kickoff to the final seconds of the game.
Then 32 days would go by as Alabama prepared for it’s toughest match up yet (supposedly) against the Texas Longhorns. Texas was 8-0-1 all time against Alabama.
With a few questionable wins in their last three victories, Texas would not have the benefit of SWC  officiating, instead this year an unbiased Big East crew would call the game.
Not only would the Texicans miss out on biased officiating but, their starting quarterback would sell them out on their opening drive of the ball game, allegedly injuring his shoulder he took himself out of the game.
My opinion (and this is just my opinion) is that McCoy realized how hard Alabama’s defense hits and decided he did not want to report to the NFL Draft that he was injured, so he removed himself from the game to avoid injury.
I’ll be honest and say that I used to have a lot of respect for the University of Texas, it’s fans and it’s coaching staff, but after listening to all of the whining and crying, I really have to say when it comes to the Big Twelve conference, I will be happy to stand up and cheer Boomer Sooner, louder than ever before.
One of the things that really gets me is so called sports reporters saying that Alabama should have an Asterisk beside this win, because of McCoy.  My question is does Texas have an Asterisk beside it’s win over Oklahoma because of Bradford? Oh wait Texican logic says that is different. What is it about teams that wear orange and have the initials UT in them, that makes them whine so much?
It’s not Bama’s fault that Watson Brown’s little brother didn’t have a back up qb prepared to play the game.
If McElroy would have went out, then Bama would have replaced him with true Freshman A.J. McCarron most likely, and if we had won or lost, it would still have been a team effort. I guess Texas is Colt McCoy and then everyone else.
Well time will tell if Alabama can do it again.
In the meantime here is the schedule and results of Alabamas 2009 Season.

9/05 vs. No. 7 Virginia Tech 1-0 (0-0) W 34-24
9/12 FIU 2-0 (0-0) W 40-14
9/19 North Texas 3-0 (0-0) W 53-7
9/26 Arkansas 4-0 (1-0) W 35-7
10/03 @ Kentucky 5-0 (2-0) W 38-20
10/10 @ No. 20 Mississippi 6-0 (3-0) W 22-3
10/17 No. 22 South Carolina 7-0 (4-0) W 20-6
10/24 Tennessee 8-0 (5-0) W 12-10
11/07 No. 9 LSU 9-0 (6-0) W 24-15
11/14 @ Mississippi State 10-0 (7-0) W 31-3
11/21 Chattanooga 11-0 (7-0) W 45-0
11/27 @ Auburn 12-0 (8-0) W 26-21
12/05 vs. No. 1 Florida 13-0 (8-0) W 32-13
1/07 vs. No. 2 Texas 14-0 (8-0) W 37-21


Roll Tide!

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