Breast Feeding and Sesame Street

So the other day I’m cruising down the road, listening to one of the local sports channels when they bring up the following.katy-perry-vs-elmo

According to the dude on the sports show, a certain parental group is wanting to make breast feeding more prominent on Sesame Street.
Granted breast feeding is a natural activity, but in this age of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and general sexual name calling, is that a good idea.
I mean women get a freaking grip, you wear yoga pants that look like body paint, pants that have words written across the butt and then you bitch because some guy was looking at your ass.

You wear low cut shirts exposing lots of cleavage and then you bitch about someone staring at you boobs.
Now you’re wanting breast feeding on Sesame Street, what are you going to do when Oscar the Grouch pops out of his trash can and says, “Hey babe, can I have a sip?”

Of course it would be extremely hypocritical to do this after banning Katy Perry because she showed too much cleavage when she was on the show.
You had the perfect opportunity to display breast feeding then.
It could be really simple. She could be chasing Elmo and then could start doing jumping jacks, and as soon as one of those puppies popped out Elmo could latch on.
There you have, breast feeding, music, Elmo, and you can damn well bet ratings through the freaking roof.


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