Me and my son sitting under a bluff where I used to live. I'm the big ugly one.

Me and My Son

Light Outdoors was started in 1999 as an idea.

I put my love of all things outdoors into a business and moved it onto the internet.

Sometimes things go good sometimes they don’t, and sometimes they seem like they don’t but they really go good.
After a few setbacks we returned as mostly a home improvement and landscaping company serving the greater Shelby County Alabama area.

I also added some affiliate links with a lot of great products for folks if they are interested. It doesn’t cost you anything more to click through here to buy what you are looking for and it helps alot of people other than my son and I, as I donate a large percentage of what this website brings in to the American Cancer Society as well as St. Judes and Children’s Hospitals. 
I lost some family members to cancer and would love nothing better than to see that disease wiped out. 
Even if you don’t buy anything through this site, it would be nice if you would donate to any one of those causes.

I hope you enjoy your visit and I hope to have post some interesting things as time goes on.

Thank you for visiting Light Outdoors.

Gary & Hunter Light (Hunter’s the cute one).