A Redneck Looks At Gun Control

Seems that no matter where I am, or who I am talking to, some weenie will walk up and start telling me how “we need gun control in this country”.

Of course in their feeble minds we would all be better off if guns were removed from society all together. They do not seem to understand that there is a criminal element in this country and in the world in general that will be further emboldened if there were no guns.
Think of this, no guns anywhere in the world. People would be getting robbed and beaten in their homes, their yards, their cars, because criminals would know that everyone was unarmed. The police wouldn’t have guns to protect (not that they do anyhow) the citizens.
Elderly citizens would be fair game for criminals more so now than ever.

The number one deterrent for a criminal is the fact that his or her victim could be armed and could very well end their career.

That being said. I will agree not everyone should own a gun. Especially criminals. However if everyone in America was ordered to turn in their firearms, only the law abiding citizens would do so.
Look at crime rates in countries that have outlawed guns. Crime rates increased in all of them.

I do however think that everyone that owns a firearm should have some knowledge of gun safety.
I’m going to go over the things that my father taught me when I got my first gun. (A Daisy Cub BB gun).

  1. All guns are loaded. Even when they are not, you treat them as if they are.
  2. When handling (looking at or showing a gun) Always check the gun to see if it is loaded, make sure it is not then treat it as if it is. 
  3. Always keep the muzzle (the end the bullet comes out of) pointed in a safe direction. Not towards anyone, their vehicles, their homes or anything where someone could be. Never point a firearm at something you do not intend to shoot.
  4. Always remember when a bullet is fired it can not be taken back. 
  5. Always clean your weapons after use. If you have not used it in awhile clean it before use, then afterwards.
  6. Keep your guns and your ammo dry.
  7. Teach your children not to mess with them unless you are with them. My kids know better than to touch one of my guns without my permission.  
  8. Keep your guns secure. I have a safe that mine stay locked in (all except my carry gun).
  9. Know the laws in your area and follow them.
  10. Most importantly remember to treat all guns as if they are loaded.

That pretty much covers what I was taught as a child.
You can find more information through the NRA .
If you have never owned a firearm and would like to purchase one always remember the best weapon is one that you can shoot accurately, consistently. Always choose a well made reliable gun and avoid the cheap ones you can find in some gun shops.

If you happen to have a friend that owns several get them to take you shooting and let you try out a few different calibers, remember bigger is not always better. It’s nice to shoot a Desert Eagle 50 caliber, but would you really want to do that all day, and carry the seven pound beast with you every where you go.
If you live in Alabama I really have to recommend Hoover Tactical Firearms, they have a knowledgeable staff  and they are very friendly and helpful.
Good Luck, good hunting and safe shooting. 

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